Mechanical Engineering MaX FASANG

Nature of work:

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest forms of engineering. Mechanical engineers analyze problems to see if they can develop anything that can help solve the problem mechanically. They also oversee the manufacturing process of the machine, and they test their machine for how effective it is in solving the problem.

Training, Qualifications and Advancement:

Most mechanical engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree in either mechanical engineering, or mechanical engineering technology. Mechanical engineers also need advanced skills in mechanics, math, and problem solving. Creativity is also something that makes a good mechanical engineer. Some jobs in the mechanical engineering field also require a license. Advancement opportunities require a higher education such as a masters, or Ph. D.


Mechanical engineers generally work in an office, but sometimes must go to work sites for various reasons. Mechanical engineers mainly work in manufacturing, research and development, and engineering services. Most mechanical engineers work full time.

Job Outlook:

With many advancements in technology, jobs will be available for those who are trained and informed on the new forms of technology. The fields of alternative energies, nanotechnology, and re-manufacturing offer new job opportunities.

Projection Data:

Jobs in the mechanical engineering field are expected to grow from 277,500 jobs in 2014 to 292,100 jobs in 2024, a 5% increase in the next 10 years


Median pay for a mechanical engineer is about $83,590 or about $40 an hour. The top ten percent of mechanical engineers get paid more than $128,430 annually, while the bottom ten percent get paid less than $53,647 a year.

Related Occupations:

Nuclear engineering, Materials engineering, Petroleum engineering.


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