What's cyber bullying? It is basically bullying but online. It can be through an electronic. Since a lot of teens have phones, so that makes it easier for teens to bully other online. 43% of kids have experienced it at least once. Cyber bullying can lead to teens doing harmful things to themselves.

Each of these social media cites are where teens can express there hatred towards someone. It's towards basically anyone they think is an easy target or simply who they just don't like. As you can see Facebook is the #1 site for cyber- bullying. They can leave a lot of hateful comments under someones picture, or post, sometimes not even knowing them.
On social media, I know I am not the most nice person online. I have came at people multiple times for something they said, or posted. Just 2 days ago some girl said the N word to a friend of mine that was Black. I started writing rude posts to her and constantly @ing her. I let her know that she was racist, rude, stupid, ugly etc. etc. I feel like I should've addressed her in private, and maybe just in a more calm way.
By the beginning of eighth grade things seemed to look up for Megan; she had lost some weight and through MySpace, she had met a new boy, Josh. However, she also had a falling out with a friend who lived close to her, and the two were often bickering at school and on the bus. When Megan began to suspect her ex-friend of telling Josh rude things about her, she became depressed. Megan’s mother tried to help her daughter distance herself from Josh and the ex-best friend, but Megan’s ADD caused her to compulsively check her MySpace page. As Megan’s 14th birthday approached, she became more sad when she started to think that no one was planning to attend her party because of things they had read about her on MySpace. The afternoon before her birthday, Megan became really mad over what people were posting about her, so her mother had to force her to leave the computer and go to her room. By the time Megan’s mother had prepared dinner and went to fetch her daughter, young Megan had hung herself in her closet.
If you are going to make social media, make sure that you have a secure password. Do not make it something that people will automatically get. For example a password to not use is your name and year of birth or your date of birth. You should use a password where its a series of numbers and letters.
Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once. Only 11 per cent of adults and teens report that embarrassing pictures have been taken of them without them knowing.
This is a movie all about a girl who is getting cyber bullied because her best friend went against her and made a fake account to post humiliating things about her. She soon makes a video of her telling everyone that she wants to commit suicide so everyone would be happy, but fails when her mom walks in on her trying to open a bottle of pills.
When you come across cyber bullying what should you do? Something you shouldn't do if you see it happeining is to not respond to the bully, go report it to an adult, then go block and report their page. Screenshot the cyber bullies messages or posts so that when you report it, you could have evidence of it. If the bully is attacking you personally, do not respond to them, go to an adult. Do not agree with the bully, you could cause some major damage to the person getting bullied.

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