Korean War Natalie Schlager

Where was the conflict?

The Korean War was in North and South Korea

When did the war take place?

US troops in South Korea during the war

The Koran War started in 1950 and ended in 1953

Who was involved?

The United States,China, Soviet Union, North Korea and South Korea were all involved in the Korean War.

What caused the Korean War?

The United States wanted to push North Korea out of South Korea because the North wanted communism, this is an example of containment because the US tried to push the communisms out of South Korea.

How did the conflict affect the country?

After the Korean War, Korea was split into two sides. North Korea and South Korea. Families were split between borders due to their beliefs mostly about being communist or not. The war ended where it started, the 38th parallel. This war increased tensions between North and South Korea.

What is the current affairs of Korea?

North Korea and South Korea staring each other down

Today, Korea is still divided North and South. There is still tension so many years after the war. Guards still stand at the 38th parallel line and have stare downs with the other side. Today North Korea is under dictatorship and South Korea is democratic.

Success or failure for US?

I think the Korean War was a success for the United States in a way because it showed that the United States would help any country fight against communism. On the other hand many people died from this war. The United States pushed and pushed with China which led to invasion.

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