Out Of My Mind TOTALLY 10

Score 6

Pick 5 words that are important to understand in the story. Write the definition in your own words along with a synonim and antonym for each word.

Disability: A condition that causes someone to lack of movement, senses, activities.

Synonym: ailment

Antonym: Ability

Memory: stuff from the past being stored in your mind.

Synonym: Recal

Antonym: Forgetfullness

special needs: When a child at school can't learn as easily and Can't move as easily.

Synonym: Literacy tutoring

Antonym: No disability

Photographic memory: The ability to remember things in the past more clearly.

Synonym: Eidetic memory

Antonym: short term memory

cerebral palsy: a condition that causes disabilities normaly caused by damage to the brain at birth.

Synonym: Brain disease

Antonym: I could not find one anywhere

Score 4

Did any charictors change through the course of this book? How did they change? What fources caused this change.

I think Melody changed because at first she thought she couldn't do anything. She thought she was retarted and had no way of showing that she was smart. When ms. Valencia told her she could do it I think it boosted her confedience. I think the force that caused her to beliew in herself was Melody in a uncomforble position and her really wanting to get comforble so she tried and tried and then she rolled over.

Back page, write a synopsis for your book

Melody is an 11 year old girl who can't talk or walk because of her cerable palsy. Melody has photoghraphic memory, and is the most smartest girl in her grade but can't show it. She remembers everything from her past including blocks at the store that she saw that had been banned on the news so she started to scream.

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