the bbfc have there own webpage and they have to look at films to say if it is a u pg. 12a 12 15 and 18. you can ask the bbfc to make the film into any of these ratings that you like as long as the film flows the rules. Then the film can be published and put in the cinemas so you can go and watch them

there are 7 ratings and they have been cateories by the bffc and they are u pg. 12 12a 15 18 and r18 these are all the list of rating there are and these films all having ratings on so u can see them in the cinema

this is a pg. because it has mild threat and also dangerous behaviour

this is a u rated movie because it has no vilonce and has mild threat and ishough it could look scary or dangerous that the woman keeps nearly dropping the babies it is presented as a joke - the audience know it is funny not scary.

this is a 12a becuse it has some shooting but not a lot and has a little bit of vilonce in it

this is a 12 because it has moderate bad language

deadpool is a 15 because there is a lot of violence and swearing

this trailer is a 15 however the actually film is an 18 film because it is disgusting as it also has a lot of violence in it that the audience can see

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