Pitch vs. La Casa By: ellee houghtaling

While Pitch and La Casa are two of Omaha’s favorite restaurants, the question arose: Which one is better?” I interviewed Maggie Vankat, a server at both La Casa Leavenworth and Pitch Dundee to compare the two restaurants.

“We’re a melting pot of great food and great people.” ~ a photo of the decorations inside Pitch Dundee

In regards to the atmosphere of both restaurants, Vankat says, “La Casa is more suited for family get togethers, take out, and casual dinners, where Pitch is well suited for business dinners, special occasions, and private party room events.”

legendary pizza and pasta ~ the interior of La Casa

The decorations in both restaurants are drastically different. La Casa displays local artists’ work to sell, and they are changed out every month. Pitch has more of a modern retro vibe, with photography from a popular local photographer.

La Casa is an oldie, but a goodie.

Pitch and La Casa have incredibly different styles of food. Vankat states, “La Casa’s menu features thin crust, Sicilian style pizza, pastas, baked lasagnas, salads, and popular appetizers such as toasted ravioli and thinly breaded onion rings. They are famously known for their hamburger pizza and have been recognized by major media outlets for this old school Omaha favorite.”

Wonders of the week at Pitch!

Pitch, my personal favorite, Vankat describes as, “known for their creative coal-fired pizzas, as well as pastas, salads, and appetizers such as truffle fries, brussel sprouts, and meatballs. Pitch also offers more expensive entree options such as a 16oz ribeye, braised short ribs, and coal fired duck. Aspects of the Pitch menu are updated and altered seasonally.”

“Life is too brief to eat and drink poorly.”

Maggie Vankat expressed her personal favorite to me, which was more of an indecisive answer. She said, “As both an employee and a customer, this is a very hard question to answer and ultimately I don’t think one is overall better than the other. I think I would recommend each for different circumstances or occasions. If price point is not an issue and you are looking for more of an American take on pizza, I would suggest stopping by Pitch. If you want to know what authentic Sicilian pizza is like or if the whole family wants to meet for dinner I would recommend La Casa. Ultimately I love both and am happy to have both coexist. I think both restaurants hold a special place in the Omaha community and both have adoring fans that love to stop by for a great meal and great service.”

“Good Vibes Only!”

It’s finally time for the winner: Both! Both restaurants are incredibly unique in their own way, and can’t fairly be compared agianst one another. The only way to tell which one is better is to dine at both. And be sure to say hello to all of the Mercy girls at both La Casa Leavenworth and Pitch Dundee!

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