The Basketball Tournament By: Deaken

The Basketball Tournament

Do you want to hear about the time our basketball team played in our first tournament? On December 7, 2013 our basketball team had a tournament in the Wisconsin dells . I woke up at 6:20 in the morning and got ready for the tournament. It was a hour long drive. We went to a place called JUSTAGAME. We went in and it had 1 main gym and there were a lot of courts in a different place of it. I got with my friends from our team. I asked who was winning the game between Oregon and another team. They said the other team was winning. While I was getting my stuff on I was watching the game. We watched the other Oregon team play, they did ok but they lost.

We played after them at the same court. We did warm ups before the game started. We played a team called Portage black. There team was not that good. There was only two or three kids that could dribble good. Our team would hustle up the court when we stole it or got a rebound. We would get a lot of fast break lay ups. Are team shot good to. We won the game 30-5. I played good and had twelve points. Are team played really good also. We went and watched the other Oregon team play again an hour after our game. The other Oregon team played Deforest. The other Oregon team lost by about five. After they lost we played a tough team called Milton. The game was really even. But there players were bigger than ours and really tough. The game was close the whole game. Then we were winning by three and we had the ball with 0:30 left in the game and I scored to put us up by 5. Then they came down and scored so it was a 3 point game. We came down and missed. They came down with 10 seconds and a kid shot a three and missed. The kid I was guarding got the rebound and chucked a three and missed. We got in line and shook hands with the other team.

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