PATT's MARCH SHOW work during the pandemic

Cover Photo: "December Moon" Photographic Image by Catharina Marlowe 2020

Janis O'Driscoll

Left:"Fragile Curve" Intaglio 15"x11" 2020 Right: "Wistful" Mixed Media ( intaglio, collage,tinted wax ) on wood 8"x8" 2021

Jane Gregorius

Left: "TM #35" Trace Monotypes 18"x20" Right: "TM #28"

Cindy Haug

"Celebrate" Monotype 21"x14" 2020

Lynne Simpson

"Franky doing Laundry" Trace Monotype 11"x14" 2020

Margaret Niven

"Traces" Reduction Linoleum Block Print 8"x24"

Lu Lee

Left: "Covid Stuck" Drawing on Embossed Paper 11x14 Right: "When Animals reflect our Emotions" Oil Sticks and Oil Pastels on a door panel 2020

Margy Baron

"Caricature of Taylor" Poster Paint

Julie Erreca

Left: "Woven Forest" Woven Monotype 2021 Right: "Cat" Woven Monotype 2021

Andrée LeBourveau

Left: "Duets" Serigraph &Collage 12"x12" Right: "Amaryllis" Serigraph 15"x11"

Ann Miya

Left: "The Look" Goof-off Transfer Print 7.5"x9" Right: "On Top of the World" Goof-off Transfer Print 6.5"x8"

Annie Pike

Left: "0912 August 21, 2020 The Day the Marine Lab was Evaced" Acrylic on Panel 16"x16" on Panel Right: "Corvid19-Covid Series" Acrylic on Gesso Panel 18"x24" 2020

Mary Neater

Left: "Wolfdog" 12"x10 1/2" Trace Monotypes Right: "Cristopher's Cat" 18"x12"

Bob Rocco

Left: "Lines"  Monotype 9"x12" Right: "Shoes" Monotype 9"x12"

Frank Trueba

Left: "Six Feet" 11 1/4" x 8 1/2" Silkscreen Right: "Usagi Yojimbo" 10" x 8" Mokuhanga (Japanese wood cut) 10 blocks, 2 black blocks—one for the kimono, with some of the color blocks printed twice for depth

Catharina Marlowe

Left: "Monarch Butterfly" Cyanotype over Photopolymer Print Right: "Love in the Mist" Cyanotype over Collotype Print