GCPS Changes To GCPS Proposed Performance -Based teacher compensation system

GCPS plans to move from four performance categories to three performance categories.

This compensation model recognizes the top performing teachers at every school level and acknowledges, despite the differences, all schools have teachers who deserve to be celebrated.

Schools have different characteristics and clientele that make them unique.

Rewarding outstanding teachers will help GCPS retain quality teachers.

Teachers will, most likely, not receive compensation awards until February 2019.

Rewarding top performing teachers will improve education on a district and system-wide level.

GCPS believes good teachers are in every school district.

A compensation plan has not been devised for support staff such as instructional coaches, counselors, and media specialists.

This information is based on the information that was shared with teachers during our Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) meeting on January 23, 2017. If you have any questions about this information or have a concern, please see Mrs. Bonaby. The next TAC meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2017. Feel free to submit any questions you would like to ask Mr. Wilbanks or the GCPS School Board. Mrs. Bonaby will bring any of your concerns to our School Board officials' attention.


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