Mars A journey beyond time...

Where Mars Is In space: Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest in the solar system.

How Mars Is The Colour It Is Today: This mysterious planet is nicknamed "The Red Planet" because of the natural chemical on its surface, Iron Oxide, Therefore, giving Mars' reddish appearance.

What NASA Is Doing To Achieve Sending Humans To Mars: after years of robotic exploration the NASA is hoping to send humans to mars in 2030, although for safety reasons they are sending realistic robots to the red planet first.

This is a detailed example of our solar system. Everybody thinks that Mars is hotter than earth, but in fact it isn't. because Mars has a red colour we naturally believe that Mars is hotter than earth-when it is actually colder!-earth is closer to the sun than mars is!

Did You Know: Mars is one of the planets with the least amount of gravity on it-that means that you could practically fly on mars!

Although the beautiful yellowish object in the background in this picture looks like just the blazing sun standing on its own, Mars is in fact hiding almost directly behind the sun, lighting up the night sky with warm red orange colours, an extremely unusual and rare sight-usually earth's legendary moon takes place behind the sun.

Mars: comparing to Earth:

Although you would think that Mars and Earth are probably the most different planets you can get, they really aren't too different- apart from the fact that mars' average climate temperature is -62 celsius! Mars also has the four seasons of earth-Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall, although The Red Planet rotates twice as slow as Earth does, making the seasons twice as longer.

Fun Facts About Mars(and Earth):

1. Whilst Earth usually has 365 days in a year(unless it's a leap year), Mars has a total of 687 earth days in just one year-that's almost two years on earth!!

2. Although i believe that Earth's one moon is more than enough, Mars happens to have two proper moons! Just imagine looking up at the night sky and spotting TWO round white objects.

3. Even though Mars' year is a lot more lengthy than Earth's is, somehow Mars' length of day is almost the same as Earth's-Mars' day takes 24 hours and 37 minutes to end whilst Earth's day takes 23 hours and 56 minutes!


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