Tell Your Story with Adobe Spark

Storytelling is an art as old as speech. It has many forms and formats. The digital age has given us an opportunity to tell and share our own stories in new ways and across vast distances.

So how do you tell a digital story?

To begin -- make a plan

Next -- tell your story

Step 1: Upload images.

*Use your own images, or choose from Creative Commons.

Step 2: Add narration

With your voice or with text on a page.

*You can add background music too.

Step 3: Edit your work until it makes you happy.

Finally -- share your story

Everyone has a story to tell...

Created By
Lynne Rubio


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "Homeless Story, Dublin" • Sweetaholic - "storytellers sculpture fig" • cogdogblog - "I Got My Book!" • cogdogblog - "A Story from "Buckshot Dot"" • ministryofstories - "Storytelling" • Pexels - "arm hand desk" • Acid Midget - "Tell You Story stencil" • pixelcreatures - "cms wordpress content management system" • pixelcreatures - "cms wordpress content management system" • TheAngryTeddy - "microphone audio computer" • Pixies - "technology keyboard computing" • annekarakash - "mistakes editing school" • mkhmarketing - "Facebook Beachfront" • Jason Lander - "IMG_6035.JPG"

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