Virginia's Shrinking Island Tangier Island

Tangier Island is in danger of sinking into the Chesapeake Bay if the a sea wall and levy isn't built to protect it from the rising sea levels.

The friendly people of Tangier awaits with golf carts to take tourists around the Island. (photo by Toni Bryant)
Family resting place of the Crockett's, Pruitts, and Parks Families. (photo by Toni Bryant)

Generations of the Crockett's, Pruitts, and Parks have lived on Tangier Island from generations to generations dating back to the 1900's.

Even as the sea levels rise it doesn't take away from the picturesque views of Tangier. (photo by Toni Bryant)
What is left of the land mass around Banny's Wharf located on Banny's Road. (photos by Toni Bryant)
Rising waters splashing against the temporary rock wall surrounding the airport strip. (photo by Toni Bryant)
A once vibrant beach area now just a strip of land left north of the Island. (photo by Toni Bryant)
Photos of the sea level rising around the main channel of the Tangier Island. (photo by Toni Bryant)
Two Tangier Island Cruise Ships preparing to leave the Island for the day. (photo by Toni Bryant)

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