I am Oren Story of a robot

I went to school and started my day

I have to go to the tower

I got detention and there is where I have to stay

Today this task is going to be dour

I was at the top

I knew that something bad was going to happen

And then rain started to drop

I then heard the thunder clappin’

The lightning started to flash

My 17-year-old body began to thrash.


I ran down to the bottom of the tower

I stood paralyzed in shock

As I was being showered

The world it almost stopped

My heart quaked like as the wind called my name

Oren, Oren, Oren

Over and over and over again


As the thunder clapped

The cord snapped

The tower was falling

And I started calling

I tried to run

but I was to stunned

The last thing I heard was a large thud

I saw blood


I woke up in a hospital room

I saw that I had a robot hand

My entire body was metal

I felt so bad i couldn’t even stand

I couldn’t settle

There's no way i can live like this

I just sat there shaking my fist


It was hard, hard to live

Because none would give

They thought i would kill them

So i hide myself from them

I hid so none one would scowl,

To stay from everything,even an owl

No one want me around

Or i’ll be treated like dog in a pound

I wondered how,

I could go farther than now

With something like this

I don't feel any bliss


I couldn't do anything, with a body of metal

It's hard and cold, i felt unsettled

People laughed, they ran, i wasn't a human

Barley living, i didn't fit in, like a superhuman

My “body” and my mind are always fighting

They disagreed, and don't get me started on writing

Every limb moved on there own, like A.I

I felt corrupted,i felt like i might just die

I had to find someone, someone to help

But how would i do it, i could leave my house

I found a man, a man to help

But he’s far, i had to do it myself


All that's in the past

At first i felt like a cast

When i made up the mountain

I was barely sustained

It took months, or did it?

I lost track of time,i didn't know one bit

When i made, it was strange

Same as me, even sililer name

Despite being part man part machine

He move like a marine

I didn't know how

I told him to teach me now


I’ve learned that i need to accept my new life…

I’ve learned that nobody will accept my life…

Nobody will accept my choices…

Nore my body…

Oren… the Cyborg


I feel… Better

Not as worried , not as nervous

The children accept me

I accept me, even my family

Oren,Oren the normal boy


Ive gone back to work, gotten my degree

I’m a major in science and technology

My life had turned south... atleast

I thought it did? Now i have friends,

A family, and…



Created By
Noah Brock Cady Swartling Ramey Fleischer

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