Cuss land cc Solomon B8

DESCRIPTION: Cuss land is a family friendly place to live. Any time you or anyone else says something naughty, intercoms will come on and beep out the swear word. Your kids wont be exposed to the evil of the world.

MOTTO: You can swear but people will stare

MY VISION: People are not aware of the things they say and kids are too exposed to naughty things. We plan to end both of these things.

COMMUNITY RULES: 1) No purposeful swearing 2) No calling a single person out and saying negative things 3) No dirty jokes that would make someone uncomfortable 4) You may not work at Vegas 5) Internet will be filtered 6) Racial names and rudeness is not permitted 7) The middle finger will be cut off 8) Slot machines will be switched to gumball machines 9) No gang violence around small children 10) Music will be filtered

LOCATION: Utah. Utah is known as the mormon state.

DAILY SCHEDULE: Run a normal day without having to be worried about the bad things around you.

GOVERNMENT: The type of government will me religious because the city has to be clean and most religions are as clean as I would like my utopia to be.

Come here if you cringe at the sound of a swear word. You don't have to be nervous about what your watching or what could possibly pop up. Plus we have free food.

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