is India Making People Aware Enough of Women's Rights? By Karina Iman

Intro: The topic discussed in this Spark Page is Women's Rights. He question is: Is India making people aware enough of women's rights?

Research: In many cases there are women throughout India being treated unfairly due to their gender. They're being sexually assaulted in the middle of the streets while passing people take videos instead of calling the cops who arrive 45 minutes after. Others are unable to keep their own possessions like land, which is eventually given to a male relative who is able to profit off of everything. Though they have women presidents and women in the parliament there is still nothing being done about women. Song second class citizens even though they make up half of the population of India.

A frank answer to the question would be: No. The only times people begin to care about an issue is when it's caught on camera and thousands of people see it. Only then do they begin to protest. But if it is alleged, there is no further investigation. Men and women alike have barely any idea about women's rights. Women do not care to learn about it or never even have the chance to because they simply can't. Many can't get a good education let alone learn about their rights. Men treat women with disprespect and ignore their rights entirely instead of empowering them.

Questions I though of that may positively impact India: How is India currently spreading women's rights? Are views from first world countries positively affecting women's rights in India?

Conclusion: In the end, there is a long way to go to make India officially an equal country. They need to work on not only educating men but women as well in rights that everybody should have. America doesn't have a set legacy on India. In our news channels we only seem to cover the things affecting us instead of other countries. Americans have a sugar coated view of the world because of the freedom and ease of life in America. Current events like the ones mentioned before are not only being hidden from Americans but are also being hidden from Indians disabling people to learn more about their country and make a change.

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