Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Rome 19 days in some of the iconic cities of Italy. Stay in nice 3*hotels with breakfast and train transfer between cities just for £ 870 (incl. the travel insurance policy)

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19 days / 18 Nights in some of the iconic cities of Italy. Stay in nice 3*hotels with breakfast and train transfer between cities just for £ 870 (incl. the travel insurance policy)*

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* The price of the hotel is based on a double room, so you will need to buy a trip for two.

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Start the adventure in Rome, in one of famous city in Europe. Then, visit the charming city of Florence housing famous art galleries, then, visit wonderful Bologna and Ravenna, then head to Venice known for its canals dotted with charming gondolas, sun-kissed architecture. You’d be hard-pressed to escape the atmosphere of love that suffuses this city.


Rome has been around for almost three thousand years and yet carries all that weight of history with a dolce vita lightness of heart. It’s a city that combines the intimacy and human scale of a village with the cultural draws of a historic, art-laden European metropolis.

Classical ruins and early Christian places of worship stand next to – or sometimes lie beneath – Renaissance palazzos and Baroque fountains. But there are also great neighbourhood trattorias, quirky shops and a buzzing aperitive scene.

The golden rule for visitors? Don’t try to cram too much in. Rome moves at a slower pace than many northern cities, and to enjoy it you should take time out in pavement cafés as well as ticking off all the big cultural draws.

When faced with a holiday destination as big and as iconic as Rome, it's hard to know where to begin - so why not let us guide you through the crème de la crème of the city’s sights! These sights include the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, Palatino and the Roman Fanfare.

Busy though they may be, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience when spending a morning or afternoon walking in the footsteps of the Romans, the world’s most famous artists, Popes and figures from hundreds of years of Italian history.

Rome, Palazzo Colonna

In heart of Rome, A few steps from Piazza Venezia, Palazzo Colonna offers the visitor one of the most magnificent testimonies of the Roman baroque.

La Gallery Column and its salons are in fact one of the wonders of Rome and are the setting for an impressive collection of works of art: paintings, sculptures and furnishings from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century.

If you are looking for a properly Rome lunch experience?...

Trastevere is perfect place for that!

The aforementioned landmarks need no fanfare and little selling before you will find yourself being carried towards them alongside a wave of other tourists.

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Florence is a treasure trove of art and architecture, with numerous museums and galleries. Considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Tuscan capital is sprinkled with terracotta and ancient Carrara marble, as well as grand buildings and monuments that proudly stake their claim for admiration.

Boasting vast iron and glass structure, Piazza San Lorenzo is one of the most authentic covered market places in Florence, with fruit and veg stalls, Tuscan trinket sellers, and historic restaurants.

Masterpieces of modern fashion come in plenty on Florence’s hip Via dei Calzaiuoli and Via de Tornabuoni, which boast high-end boutiques, filled with haute couture pieces.

After long days of traditional dining and market strolling, visitors can head to the Piazza Michelangelo for sunset shots, live music and Italian atmosphere at its finest.

Friendly local people are warmly greeting tourists from dozen countries and sometimes making a tiny, funny mistakes in tourist's languages...:-)

Let Travel Dream know if you want to stay in Florence one extra day for wonderful tour:

Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour with (or without) winery and lunch from £56 to £112 (12 hours tour)*

* Travel Dream Club will book your tour without extra charge. You pay only tour's price + one extra day in hotel. Please, contact us if you have any further inquiries: ask@traveldreamclub.uk

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Fusing haughty elegance with down-to-earth grit in one beautifully colonnaded medieval grid, Bologna is a city of two intriguing halves. One side is a hard-working, high-tech city located in the super-rich Po valley where suave opera-goers waltz out of regal theatres and into some of the nation's finest restaurants.

The other is a bolshie, politically edgy city that hosts the world's oldest university and is famous for its graffiti-embellished piazzas filled with mildly inebriated students swapping Gothic fashion tips.

No small wonder Bologna has earned so many historical monikers. La Grassa, the fat one, celebrates a rich food legacy, ragù or bolognese sauce was first concocted here.

Throughout history, Bologna has served as a major cultural and economical hub in Italy and has been ruled by the Etruscans, Celts and Romans respectively. As a major university city and its long history, Bologna has a wonderful array of cultural sights, fantastic architecture and high quality museums.

Piazza Santo Stefano, an elegant broad square that’s perfect for a coffee stop after all those stairs. Well worth a visit is the Basilica Santuario Santo Stefano – a complex of seven churches from different ages founded by Bishop Petronius in the fifth century on the site of the ruins of an ancient temple to the goddess Isis.

Bologna is famed for its extensive Portico – A Portico is essentially a partially enclosed walkway that is lined with arches and columns. There are numerous different porticos scattered around the city but the most famous are the Bonaccorsi Arch and the walkway leading to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca.

Walk through the porticos and admire the wonderful ancient architecture...

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Known as the City of Water, Venice is the quintessential couple’s retreat - a city steeped in history and split by the flowing ribbons of myriad canals.

Even if you refrain from riding gondolas among the romantic, sun-kissed architecture, you’d be hard-pressed to escape the atmosphere of love that suffuses this city.

Tourists shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Doge’s Palace, a symbol of the republic’s wealth and mastery over land and sea.

Throughout the cobbled streets, there are countless shops where travelers can pick out unique handmade masks painted according to the 800-year-old Venetian tradition.

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The Olympic theatre in Vicenza, Italy

To talk about Venice means to say the same sorts of things over and over again. The unique city has inspired writers for generations, but it’s hard these days to say anything about Venice that hasn’t already been said...

One of the bits of advice that is often repeated, is that when you’re in Venice it’s important to get lost. Which sounds like weird advice, do not you think?

"I have, on more than one occasion, thought that if I ever wanted to lose our self entirely for short time that we would go to Venice. To have this feeling that I could forget my name there, and that it wouldn’t bother me..."(Victoria, Travel Dream Club)

It’s a seductive thing, getting lost in Venice...

If you’re pretending there’s no map for Venice, another good way to get truly lost in the city is to pretend there’s no guidebook. Or, if you’re trying extra-hard to lose the crowds, to deliberately avoid any place listed in the guidebook.

In general, however, if you approach Venice as an explorer might then everything has the potential to be wonderful, whether it’s on someone else’s “must-see” list or not.

Just you will lost in love in Venice...

"To see splendor of Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go....." - Truman Capote

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Verona is an ancient city, with its history stretching back to Roman times. It’s a gorgeous town full of winding streets, lively bars, intimate restaurants and bustling piazzas.

Lovers of Renaissance art will find plenty to admire in its museums and churches, while ancient history buffs will delight in the Roman ruins hidden all over the city.

Die-hard romantics will enjoy all the monuments dedicated to Romeo and Juliet, fictitious though they might be. Foodies will find a paradise of good eats, from budget nibbles to luxurious dining.

Personalise Your Holiday with: The Verona Opera Festival

*Let Travel Dream Club know if you would like to book tickets

Whether you’re an opera aficionado or not, a trip to the oldest open-air opera festival could not be a better addition to your stay. Held in a Roman amphitheatre, the summer performances are truly something special – when the floodlights go down on the 15,000 spectators, the cacophony diminishes to hushed whispers, before the magic begins and the beautiful voices fill the dusky air.

*Available Opera performance you can find here:

Performances start between 8.45 to 9.00 pm, so you may wish to enjoy a pre-opera dinner or drink.

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Bergamo is a unique city located in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy and is characterized by its split lower and upper sections that are segregated by the immense historic Venetian walls.

During the Middle Ages, Bergamo served as the seat of the Lombard Duchies and became a city of immense wealth due to the vast treasures stored there. As an independent city, Bergamo was part of the Lombard League and raised armies to fight against Frederick I Barbarossa in the 12th century. During the 19th century, the city actually became part of the Austrian Empire before integrating into the Kingdom of Italy.

As a tourist destination, Bergamo has a wonderful combination of historical architecture such as the Colleoni Chapel, combined with its strange dual height Upper & Lower cities, and a plethora of gorgeous Piazzas and high-quality shopping streets.

Colleoni Chapel
Colleoni Chapel

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From its imposing historic centre and fashion districts to the countryside outskirts, Milan is a rare and appealing mixture of ancient values and contemporary lifestyle.

The Navigli area features an abundance of restaurants, ranging from pizzerias to fine seafood haunts, while Piazza del Duomo, boasting the Milan Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world guarding the city’s cobblestones streets since 1385, opens to shops, theatres, museums, and galleries in the city centre.

Big fashion names can be found in the Corso Buenos Aires or Corso Vercelli,..

... and cultural sights are plentiful, including attractions such as the Sforza Castle...

..and world famous treasure Milan will bring to you...

One of the most exclusive Italian destinations. For art, design, architecture, fashion and food...

You can find the most amazing shops, building, gardens, restaurants as soon as you start searching. And if you have the time to explore…the food is simply outstanding...

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Turin actually served as the first capital of Italy and has been a major cultural and economic centre for the country for many years. Located in the north westerly part of Italy, Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and sits on the river Po.

As with many regions of Italy, Turin saw Roman activity and a military camp was held here. Once the Roman Empire had collapsed in Western Europe, Turin was occupied by various different nations and empires subsequently. During the 1300-1600’s the city saw great growth and gained much of its fantastic architecture and cultural buildings during this period.

There's a whiff of Paris in Turin's elegant tree-lined boulevards and echoes of Vienna in its stately art-nouveau cafes, but make no mistake – this elegant, Alp-fringed city is utterly self-possessed. The industrious Torinese gave the world its first saleable hard chocolate and Italy's most iconic car, the Fiat.

An authentic passion that has created specialities now known throughout the world has also continued to stimulate the imaginations of the master chocolates over the centuries. Indeed, it was here in the Savoy Capital that the Bicerin – a glass of hot coffee, cacao, and milk cream – was conceived in the 1700s.

By way of chocolate, the maestros of Turin knew exactly how to express their taste for innovation, so much so that they experimented with new mechanisms to mix cacao, vanilla, water and sugar into a malleable paste in the beginning 17th Century.

The Itinerary

Day 1. After landing in Rome you will begin your trip

Day 2. Enjoy your second day in Rome and stay overnight

Day 3. Enjoy your third day in Rome and stay overnight

Day 4. Train from Rome to Florence (1 h 35 min), start to enjoy the treasure trove of art and architecture and stay overnight

Day 5. Enjoy your second day in Florence and stay overnight*

Day 6. Train from Florence to Bologna (40 min) and stay overnight

Day 7. Enjoy your second day in Bologna and stay overnight

Day 8. Train from Bologna to Venice (1 h 35 min). We advise you to have a good lunch in one of nice taverns near St. Mark’s Square. Then continue your first day in Venice and stay overnight

Day 9. Enjoy your second day in Venice and stay overnight

Day 10. Train from Venice to Verona (1 h 35 min) and stay overnight

Day 11. Enjoy your second day in Verona and stay overnight

Day 12. Train from Verona to Bergamo (1 h 25 min) and stay over night

Day 13. Enjoy your second day in Bergamo and stay overnight

Day 14. Train from Bergamo to Milan (50 min) and stay over night

Day 15. Enjoy your second day in Milan and stay overnight

Day 16. Enjoy your third day in Milan and stay overnight

Day 17. Train from Milan to Turin (50 min) and stay over night

Day 18. Enjoy your second day in Turin and stay overnight

Day 19. Enjoy few hours in Turin (depends on time of your ticket) and fly back home

Let Travel Dream know if you want to start your holiday from Turin and finish in Rome
Let Travel Dream know if you want to stay in Florence one extra day for wonderful tour:

Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour with (or without) winery and lunch from £56 to £112 (12 hours tour)*

* The price of the hotel is based on a double room, so you will need to buy a trip for two.

*Please, contact Travel Dream Club and we will offer a good option for Solo Travelers: ask@traveldreamclub.uk

*Travel Dream Club will provide you with a travel guide with a description of routes and historical places, as well as a “package of tips” from experienced travellers and you will have your holiday enjoyable and planned by your desire.

*If you want to change amount of days/nights to stay, please, contact us: ask@traveldreamclub.uk . We are happy to make your holiday planned by your desire.

* You can change the dates of your holiday before full coordination of details and completed travel documents.

*No cancellation after full coordination of details and completed travel documents. Changes are possible, subject to availability.

* Refund before final approval of documents guaranteed.

Below you see how your double rooms with private bathroom may look like in 3* hotel with breakfast.

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