May 2019 Superior North Catholic District School Board Newsletter

Our students eagerly wait for summer days and warm days because it usually means that the summer holidays are coming, they can spend time with their families doing what families do together; BBQ’s, swimming, fishing, travelling, and sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows. But our students also spent the last ten months learning, developing, building relationships, attending school masses, inquiring, and growing incrementally into the adults they will become.

Our teachers provide a stable learning environment and opportunities for their students to ask questions, to thrive, to play and learn based on Catholic values. Teachers can make a positive difference in a child’s life. It is a vocation more than just a job. It becomes clearer with experience. Students are our future and they must be viewed and respected as such.

Leadership development is imperative and far-reaching. Our principal’s continue to lead, in what is a complex role, and we support their growth and appreciate their commitment to making good decisions in our schools.

To make a school board effective it requires many capable people that parents do not usually see. Our Catholic Education Centre staff work behind the scenes to support student learning and the operational side of an organization. Superintendents, managers, custodians, assistants, and other support staff are here for several purposes, which are, to run a Board that shows progress, cares about students’ well-being and exemplifies Jesus’ word in the world.

As we near the end of another school year let’s reflect on the value of education and the responsibility we have to our students, our future.

We have so much to be thankful for!

Maria Vasanelli, Director of Education

Indigenous Education Professional Development Day - May 3, 2019

The Superior North Catholic District School Board held our 3rd annual Indigenous education professional development day for all staff at St. Edward Catholic School in Nipigon.

Catholic Education Week 2019

Each year, the Catholic community of Ontario engages in a week-long celebration of the unique identity and distinctive contributions of Catholic education during Catholic Education Week. This year’s celebration was entitled, “Catholic Education: Living as Joyful Disciples” and was celebrated during the week of May 5 – May 10.

In the section of the Ontario Bishops' letter Renewing the Promise entitled, “A Community that Forms Joyful Disciples,” we read, “Our Catholic schools help to form joyful disciples as hearts and minds are opened to the transforming love of God and to the flame of faith in action. On a daily basis, Catholic schools demonstrate the joy of believing and witness the Good News to the communities that they serve.”

Catholic Education Week was marked by special activities at all grade levels, including prayer celebrations and service activities in all of our nine schools.

Submitted by Tracy Bryson, Positive Behaviour Support Lead

Mental Health Week Poster Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Abby Clowes, Grade 6 student from St. Hilary Catholic School for winning the board-wide mental health promotion poster contest!

We wish to extend our gratitude and thanks for all who participated.

The St Brigid Bison participated in a variety of activities and events celebrating our indigenous culture and traditions, including a community Water Walk and Geraldton Composite High School’s powwow, which saw students and community members from all across Greenstone and neighbouring First Nations join together in song, drumming, dancing and feasting.
On May 21, the St Brigid Bison joined students from Notre-Dame-des-Ecoles and Nakina Public School for the very first "Nakina Cup" championship. Organized and run entirely by intermediate students, students played in one of four team consisting of nearly all grades from all three schools. A fantastic day of fun, teamwork and student leadership!
The St Brigid Bison Buccaneers captured the notorious “pie-rate” Cap’n Jay and sold tickets for the chance to throw a pie in the face of this scurvy bilge rat. Nearly $100 was raised for the local food bank!
Congratulations to Cash and Berkley who celebrated their First Communion on Sunday May 12th at St. Hilary Catholic church!
St. Hilary students enjoyed an afternoon participating in a variety of well being activities: yoga, healthy smoothy making, calm colouring and making their own bath balms. All students received an individual calming kit -pencil and paper to record their thoughts, gum to chew away their worries with a comic to make you smile and a squishy to squish away their worries. What do you do for your well being?

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School participated in an Outdoor Classroom Day on Friday, May 24th. They had a great day outside where the students learned about fishing, photography, using a drone, trapping and skinning a beaver, and flying kites. They also went on a nature walk where the students learned about different plants. Thanks to Jason Chapais, Stirling Finlayson, Ed Hoffman for your participation.

Thanks also to Theresa Oster for the Bannock Dogs (Scone Dogs) for lunch.

Thanks to Taneesha Cheesequay for the pictures.

On Wednesday, May 29 the Our Lady of Fatima Family was pleased, honoured, and excited to host the internationally renowned film documentary team, Turning Tables. Thanks to Josh DePerry, Ron Kanutski, Chrisann Hessing, and Natasha Fisher for a fantastic day. It was a great experience to speak to the people who made the amazing video, Turning Tables and to hear their powerful message.

On Thursday May 30th, the staff and students of Our Lady of Lourdes School hosted their annual volunteer tea.

This special event celebrates all the special people who help facilitate various programs and services around the school.

Without our volunteers, Our Lady of Lourdes School would not be the fantastic place that it is!


Green Screening with Doink during Holy Saviour Catholic School Maker Night.
Submitted by Sarah Clowes, Technology Enabled Learning Teacher Contact
Submitted by Sr. Stephanie, Faith Formation and Catholicity Coordinator
Submitted by Michelle Legacy, Attendance Counsellor
Submitted by Peter Kutok and Lena Stahl, SNCDSB Math Leads
Submitted by Colleen Sheriff, Indigenous Education Lead

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