NATURE SPEAKS "Protect what life depends on"

🌿When nature speaks. We listen.🌿
Intro: We're raising awareness about modern environmental issues through this site. Let's all unite to reduce and stop wasteful acts and help nature at least in the simplest but the best way in coping the ill climate today.🌿
Dead Blue Sea

I am one of your life

Many of you depends on me

I am a lot. I am many

I gave you my all

You gave me nothing

It is not the sea treasures you stracting from me.

It is your existence.


Acidic Ocean

It is alarming to see ocean resources are getting depleted every year.

It is when carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, the water becomes more acidic and the ocean's pH (a measure of how acidic or basic the ocean is) drops. Even though the ocean is immense, enough carbon dioxide can have a major impact.

This knowlege is based on watching tv (NatGeo Channel specifically.

And it's alarming that over the years, the oceans are getting acidified to where it result corl depletion and also chained to depleting population of different kinds of sea species that affects food web, and not just the environment but also our economy.

To help. We need to be more conservative and reduce carbon prodigality.


We Are Wild

We are wild

Yet we are consumed

We are the child

But still, we are doomed

Escaping fright

Yeah, we tried

But none of us seemed to move

Cause those who fight

They fight for nature's right.


Trees To Our World

Trees, we believe that the present and future generations have an interest in protecting you beacuase of your blessings.

Trees, your acting as an air purifier and making all of the pollutant be limit in the air.

Trees, you are inseparable conpanion of man and animal.

Trees, your existence assures the existance of any living craeture on earth.

Trees, you have the essential role in our biodiversity because you stored the energy that is important to living creatures as a food.

People of the world. Please save trees for future generation that will inherit it from todays genaration. All of its benefits can help them to be stabilize. Banish our selfish interests by saving trees. The environment is our common and major property.



The Garbage Poem

I am being disposed of

Do you think I like it?

They threw the poets out with the garbage!

And we dont

Like it.

It's getting crowded in here

With all these poets—

Poets and garbage and poets and garbage

Or as somebody said recently


They threw us out with the wash!

Their radioactive lust cannot reduce me to dust.

I'm a lump on the landscape.

Poets in the garbage poets in the garden

-Lenore Goodell👨🏻

Even cities have trees..

Stop Now!

Learn where to put your trash
Be aware on garbages you litter.
Be aware of the bins near you.

Act Now!!!

Learn how to 3R...
Start planting now.

By planting. Even in your garden or small yard. You can help our environment even a little. At least we all put our efforts and helping our nature.

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Thirty The 3rd (33)


We credit all of the photo we use to their respective owners. We salute you for inspiring people. Let's all help our environment. As one nation. All together for our world.🌍

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