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Summer Reading Challenge

This Year's Boys Read Battle Team competed against other Boys' Teams in the District. These awesome boys came in 4th place overall. Way to go, Ulises, Christian and Mathis!!!

Congratulations to Libby and Ulises for coming in 1st Place in the Battle of the Books!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!

Celebrate literacy! Read a good book, read to your children, Read out loud... Just read!

Welcome to the Belleair Media Center. A place to read, imagine, research, design, and create. Did you know that you can access the media center virtually through Destiny in Clever?? There are thousands of books that you can read on your device. Remember, reading can take you places you never imagined! - Mrs. Kurleman

The 2021-2022 Sunshine State Book list for 3rd - 5th grade has been released!

Find the 2021-2022 Sunshine State Junior Books here.

Read! Read! Read!

Did you know that you can check out and read books online through apps on your Clever page? Visit Sora, MackinVia, myon, or Destiny to find some of your favorite titles and Authors.

Find these on your Clever page

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