crime scene evidence report Alexandra Mariano


Anna Garcia is a Hispanic female age 36, weight 165 & height 64 inches. She was found dead at 10:20 am in her East Los Angeles home. Her neighbor Doug, called 911 operator since he suspected something had happened to his neighbor, Doug also said that Anna was wearing a sweater while walking her dog and that it was hot. There was four people of interest; Alex Garcia, the ex-husband, Erica Piedmont the new girlfriend of Alex Garcia, Lucy Leffingwell best friend and co-worker of Anna Garcia and Doug Greene, the neighbor and was in a romantic relationship with Anna, but they finished that. There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol.She has a head wound at the right temple 2cm long & 5mm deep & the right elbow is bruised.

Finger Print

The finger print at the crime scene belonged to Alex Garcia.

He said that he was at Anna Garcia's house the night before she died, but no one can confirm that.


- the hair belonged to Anna Garcia

- it doesn't connect Lucy or Erica

Unknown Substance

- we know its aspirin that means that Anna may have a disease, or she had a headache before she died, & she may have had nausea or had vomit.

Blood Spatter

- it came straight down at a 90º

it was from a 74 cm table

DNA Analysis

- blood belonged to Anna Garcia but we don't know yet if she was attacked or not.

Time of Death

- Anna Garcia was dead for 4 hours

- the doctors checked her corps at 11am.

- time of death 7am

Autopsy Report

- bruise on head and elbow

- no scratches nor wounds.

- ankles were swollen

- no fractures


- Anna Garcia's foot print was at the crime scene

- the dog was barking when Anna was dead

- 92º outside & Anna was wearing a sweater.


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