Moose Dylan wang


In the original typography that was shown to our class, many consisted of animals. Therefore, half of my research are animals that I consider suitable for typography. During the half way of my thinking process of how I will construct my 10 different ideas, I thought about music, since it stands a very important distribution of my life. I thought about headphones, the equipment you used to listen to music, and also different instruments such as violin, an instrument I have played for years, and electric guitar.


Using all resources from the research


Hammerhead shark


Lettering the typography of the moose


Moose design



In this piece, I have taken a realistic animal that I am strongly interested and feel attached to, using the inspirations of different angles from the pictures of the animal, I transformed it into an animal typography. Moose is distinguished as an animal that prefers independence. But during occasions when it triggers, it can charge at you with aggression. Oddly enough, I feel this animal attached and have a similar personality with myself. On daily basis, there are a lot of interactions and communication, not everyone will unify and agree on same terms. But as an individual I realised that I often get really over-aggressive over certain type of situations where I don't need to. After looking at the other 10 ideas that I have sketched, although all of the ideas used are objects and animals I admire, in the end I still chose the moose as I pondered and envisioned the structure of the texts being combined into my final product.

From my envision I thought I would be able to freely create the structure any way I want. But then discerning of the fact that I only have 10 letters in total to work with, this includes the capitals and the small letters. Because of my own expectation to try and use every single letter, some of the letters like "e", "o", makes this product really inevitably arduous to create. The main issue resulted from the "S" that I have previously drawn on my comprehensive drawing. It is certainly not very recognisable to others due to the bizarre slimming of the letter, but to create the smoothness to complete this product I think it is a must. The most difficult part was to look for the perfect fonts for the specific font for the letter "S" since many of them are involved. At the end, I found a text called "Viner Hand ITC", with this text I was able to transition the letter "S" to a much slimmer scale than any other fonts that I have found. The most interesting part of this project is the horns of the moose. With the horns I know It will be really completely up to my own decision to freestyle, so I found really cool fonts that makes "M" look more sharp and distinctive to make the horns stand out a lot more. But I am aware I also cannot go beyond an extend in terms of the creativity because it would not really contrast well together although it is suppose to be horns.

For my skills, in this project I have learned how to cooperate and work with different resources, there are a numerous amounts of information you can find online if one task does not work in your favour. For instance, this project is very open minded, the creator is able to use any fonts they find, and also the look for the one idea they are most appealed to. Next time, I would try to come up with a more formal and advanced ideas, so it would require a less amount of time as I work through and complete my products.



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