Have you ever looked at a model and just wished you could look like that? Forget the model...how about your co-worker who seems to have it all? The neighborhood mom [you know the one] who's always so pulled together? The woman in your class who is effortlessly beautiful? I get it. I know what it's like to look in the mirror and not feel good enough. I know what it's like to be constantly comparing yourself to those around you. On some level, it's natural. But if you're still reading, you know that your habit of comparing has actually become unhealthy. And you want a change.

As a professional fashion photographer, the last thing I ever expected was that this crazy and creative world would actually help my self esteem; but that's exactly what it did. See, when you have the secrets of a world so closely guarded, it completely changes your perspective, challenges your reality and inspires you to question what you think you knew. And that is the beginning of learning [yes, its a skill that can be learned] to love yourself on AND off the camera. I can't wait to share it with you! It's completely changed my life and I know it can do the same for you. - SHANNON MICHELLE


[Falguni & Shane Peacock, Tracey Reece, Izaac Mizrahi, Reem Acra, Bibhu Mohapatra by Shannon Michelle]

Did You Answer "YES" To Any One Of The Questions Above? Congratulations! You're In The Right Place; I Have No Doubt, This Course Is 100% For You.

"...feeling awesome about myself for the first time in a long time." - Client & Bride to Be

[Naeem Khan by Shannon Michelle]


  • To confidently pose your body for its own shape and size, in any position so that you will never again, second guess how to stand in front of the camera.
  • To use lighting so that you have gorgeous skin on camera [no equipment needed] and never look at another photo saying "what was I thinking?!" You will be able to rock that selfie or Facebook live anytime!
  • To quickly critique & take control of your photographs so that you don't freak out when you see a snapshot - instead, you know exactly how to fix it.
  • To know the best angle for your face, so you know exactly how to pose for the camera.
  • To let go of shame & negative thinking about your body so that you can start fresh and learn to appreciate who you are, right now! [This one is a fav of mine and sooo super freeing!!]
  • To learn the secret to what makes us beautiful [no, it's not the cliche` answer that you think it is] and how you can access it immediately so that at anytime, you can feel strong, calm and in control.
  • To learn how to connect on camera & look relaxed so that you finally stop making "that face!" [Fun fact: Supermodel Naomi Campbell showed me this trick!]
  • To better understand the history of beauty trends in the fashion world so that you understand how the industry has changed and how you really do have a place in it.
  • To rock your own personal style [on and off camera] so that you show up every day, feeling fierce and ready to take on the world...even if you only have a few minutes to get ready in the morning.
  • And so much more!
“Holy cow! It’s amazing! She cried! Thank you so much, Shannon. It’s awesome. She’s never had this much faith in her body as she does now and sees what I see when I look at her…Thank you!” – Client & Supportive Husband

[ Karlie Kloss for Anna Sui by Shannon Michelle]


  1. Weekly emails from Shannon with a video or audio training so that YOU'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT STEPS TO TAKE.
  2. Weekly group consulting calls with Shannon for maximum support. We know this isn't easy; YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE.
  3. One or two, easy to implement homework assignments that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. I know you are busy so I've cut through the bull shit to GET YOU RESULTS....QUICK!
  4. CRITIQUE OF THE WEEK so that you don't get left behind or feel overwhelmed. Share your photo and what you don't like about it, or are struggling, with and Shannon will help you work through it on a recording or in the group call.
  5. ROUND THE CLOCK ACCESS to Shannon throughout the course via email or Voxer [a walkie talkie app for your phone] so that you can reach out for questions, support, share your thoughts etc.
  6. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to this info so when you're feeling down or need a refresher, it's all right at your fingertips. I want you to feel fully supported as you LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF ON AND OFF THE CAMERA!

Don't Forget When You Purchase During This Launch Sale, You'll Earn Your FREE BOOT CAMP BONUS - Let Shannon Prove That Yes, This Can Work for You Too! *Details Below.

[J Mendel by Shannon Michelle]
"Shannon made me feel absolutely beautiful. You will feel so wonderful about your body and yourself." - Client & Bride to Be

[The Blonds by Shannon Michelle]

"You are amazing...she seems more confident from all of this. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for helping my girl ... her beauty never gets old. Thank you so much for cracking the shell" - Client & Loving Husband

[Karlie Kloss for Jeremy Scott by Shannon Michelle]

Two Ways To Play. Which Suites You Better?


Clients easily invest over $4k to work with Shannon privately. But by investing in the Be Bold. Be Beautiful Bootcamp, you can get started for less than just $5 (or the cost of a Starbucks coffee) per day!!

Yes!! Glad you're excited [and nervous is totally normal by the way]. Chose your course below!


Sales from the Be Bold. Be Beautiful. product line help provide full makeovers and professional photo shoots for women overcoming some unthinkable challenges. Your purchase will help finance these large productions. Our goal is to gift one per month with the purpose of helping to rebuild confidence in those who have forgotten how truly beautiful they really are. You can read more below under FAQ.


"This won't work for me." Is that what you're thinking? It may work for others but you won't be able to see yourself differently, no matter how hard you try. Well now you don't have to. When you purchase during this launch sale, you will earn the boot camp bonus absolutely free [a value of $149]. So what's the boot camp bonus?

I'm glad you asked! Jump on a private video call with Shannon, and she'll actually pose you online! It takes all the guess work out of posing and because she'll take screen shots to share with you along the way, you'll actually walk away with a small portrait to be used for your social media profiles or even the photo in your email signature [see mine at the bottom of this page]. Watching her work is worth the bonus alone but while she's at it, let her prove to you that yes, this can work for you too. Still not convinced? Ok, ok... we'll even retouch it for you!

*Your bonus must be scheduled within the 6 weeks of boot camp. Booking calendar will be available at the beginning of the course.

"This changed my life! Just by looking at myself from a place of discomfort, I am more comfortable than I have ever been." - Client & Kick Ass Mom of 5

[Naeem Khan by Shannon Michelle]


  • When Does Boot Camp Start? March 23, 2018!
  • When Will The Live Calls Be Scheduled? The group will be polled prior the start of the course and we'll select the most convenient time for everyone.
  • What If I Can't Make A Video Call? No problem! You'll have a recorded replay to watch and can always send in your questions ahead of time.
  • How Is My Purchase Helping Others? The Be Bold. Be Beautiful. product line has been created to support the mission of Shannon Michelle, which is to inspire women to see themselves differently. When you make a purchase, you're helping to finance a Be Bold. Be Beautiful. photo shoot for some of the most amazing women; women who have overcome some unthinkable challenges, including but not limited to abuse, addiction, human trafficking etc. Not only are they celebrated with dignity, grace, kindness, respect and compassion, they walk away with a powerful portrait highlighting the strength, beauty, courage and tenacity they posses. The purpose of this mission is to help rebuild confidence in those who have forgotten how truly beautiful they really are.
  • Why Is The Self Study Program Charged Annually? The self study program is designed as a subscription so that content can be easily added each week. Once the program is completed, you can simply cancel your subscription or stay on to receive behind the scenes videos, additional trainings, critique of the week videos etc. Either way, you'll receive an email reminder at the end of the course.

"If I could give you one gift, I would give you the ability to see yourself as I see you, so you could see how truly special you are." - Unknown

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