The Break Through "I am Not broken, I have a History."

Beautifully Broken, Raw and in your face.
"For all my life I've hidden my disability, my scars and all my insecurities. I NEVER wanted to show it, or talk about it. I hid within my clothing as they were my comforting shell to hide in. Now I am 33 years old and I'm exhausted of feeling ashamed of who I am. I no longer want to be trapped inside. I didn't encounter 10+ surgeries to hide. I didn't come Minutes from death when I was in 7th grade to hide. Why should I continue to be ashamed? THIS IS ME, every scar, every flaw, every inch is ME!"
"Courtney Has Given me a way to show my story, my break through. I am no longer embarrassed of me anymore."
"BEAUTIFULLY, BROKEN, ME! I hope you understand my story, and I am Honored to Share it with you!"
Society has away of putting us down. If we do not look a certain way we are judged. We all have so many titles given to us by people we don't even know. These titles can eat a way at us and make us feel trapped and unaccepted. They break us down and we hide away instead of standing up for our self. Feeling Trapped and hidden and taking a stand to break free is one of the best things you can do!
Its okay to scream, Let out all your frustrations. Its okay to cry and let out all your pain. Its okay to Smile and enjoy and live in the moment. Its okay to Love yourself and break through the shell.
Vulnerable, yet stronger then one can imagine.
There comes a day when one realizes its time to be strong, fight the fight and love oneself. Stop letting others define you, stop letting others control you, stop letting others label you. When it is Time to BREAK FREE and be YOU!

Let Them See YOU, Every Flaw, Every Imperfection, every insecurity. IF someone cannot handle YOU as YOU are, Stop and take a moment and think....

"Is this person worthy of ME as I AM?"

It is time for YOU, It is time for embarrassing your Insecurities and Loving yourself for how you are! Embrace Your Disability, Embrace Your Scars, Embrace Your Stretch Marks, Embrace Your Extra Curves, Embrace Your Gap Tooth, Embrace Everything About YOU!

Do Not Waste another Minute of Yourself to Societies Expectations of you!

Take Control And Love The Broken Beautiful You!

"The Japanese Mend Broken Objects, The Aggrandize the Damage by Filling The Cracks With Gold. They Believe That When Something Has Suffered Damage and Has A History It Becomes More Beautiful"

Broken, and Beautifully RAW

Danielle and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit and read her story!

Your welcome to Share if this has inspired you!

"I am ME, Beautifully, Broken, ME! I Promise to LOVE every single Part of ME!"
Created By
Courtney Carte


Courtney Carte Photography Courtney Carte Boudoir

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