Of the 2000 students of PRHS you hear about many talented people, actors, musicians, athletes. But what about the unheard, the ones doing things people think a typical high schooler wouldn't be doing. There are many people in this school and many are doing things that people are oblivious to. I found three students that represent this thesis. One is a coder, other is an artist, and last a physicist. These students show exemplary talent in the things they work.

Students from all over the world can do amazing things. SkillsUSA is a great example of this showcase, SkillsUSA host thousands of students every year in regional, state, and national competitions. These competitions ranging from anything like childcare and culinary to cyber security and 3D printing. These students coming from all over the US and participating in things that they have been training for for months, in some cases years. Ryan Philips was one of those students at the skillsusa competition he participated in game design, there he was the only one to present a game without a game engine, his game was all self coded in javascript by him, compared to those game engines that can be as simply as a drag and drop program that would require no understanding of code behind scenes, something that probably wouldn't transfer well in the occupational world where the code is always innovating and often game engines edited on the spot to support new content.

Kyle Hoffman-Wood Is a student who has helped me and my groups many times. This student is exemplary in the field of sciences do you need help in electrical, physics, or even some chemistry this man can help. I've seen his work many times, one in particular was a Nerf combustion cannon that modified a Nerf gun to use combustion to launch the Nerf dart. That project had everyone on edge in our robotics class. People look at Kyle almost like a mad scientist always working on a new project. But if you ever need help Kyle won't push you away, he's always glad to help and teach you along the way.

Over my schooling career I've been to many and I mean many school and in multiple states too. During my time in those places I was grateful to meet so many people of different talents, young student prodigy's who were in the same grade as me but nearly 3 years younger, young entrepreneurs creating products that swept throughout the school. programmers, and many more.

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