Keep your electric eye on us.

VIMANA is an arts and entertainment collective with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Barcelona and Los Angeles. We specialize in all facets of media, including: film shoots, music production, cannabis promotions, photo shoots, xr, video games, interactive media, and special events .

VIMANA are accomplished film makers, photographers, painters, musicians, models, actors, writers, dancers, programmers, designers and event specialists. Collectively we have decades of experience producing, promoting and planning just about every type of production or campaign you can imagine. With our expertise we can help you set the stage for the idyllic film shoot or photo shoot, curate your next art show, create interactive virtual reality experiences, deliver a brilliant and unforgettable concert, blow up your marketing campaign, write a thought-provoking script, or provide the perfect locale and theme for your next event.

Clients include: Warner Brothers, Coachella, Alienware (Dell), Uber, Leafly, Universal Studios, Snapchat, High Times, Ubisoft, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Burning Man, Sunset Las Palmas Studios, VRLA (Virtual Reality Los Angeles), Sony, Sirius Radio, SXSW, Night on Broadway, Weedmaps, and many more...

Extreme loyalty and devotion to the arts is the magic that binds us together.

Our agency has the best team of creatives in LA, including directors, producers, writers, actors and musicians. We have access to hundreds of sound stages and original locations all over Los Angeles and throughout the world.

We not only write and produce music, but we can also write and produce your next music video. If you already have an idea you would like to flush out, or are looking for a circle of creatives to imagine one into being, we have just the ruffians for the job.

Need a writer? Movie scripts, shorts, commercials, social media content, blogging, ghost writing... nuff' said.

Our producers have created and promoted some of the most memorable music experiences in the world. Whether you are looking to promote an exclusive club event, a one-off music massive or a full-blown world tour, VIMANA will find a way to make your ears bleed.

Vast shelves, in stores, full of stuff. To distinguish yours, from theirs, you'll need us. Whether its a logo or a full design and marketing campaign, VIMANA is your curry dick.

We represent a different breed of models and dancers. Mindful and diverse, our roster represents some of the finest faces and most talented bodies in the industry.

Reach out, we can help.