Carnegie And Tesla Assignment on the Gilded Age

PART 1 - Captain Of Industry or Robber Barron?

Andrew carnegie
Carnegie was and always will be a Robber Barron in my mind, first off Carnegie worked a 55 hour shift for 55 weeks getting paid around $100,000 per day while his workers got paid about $2-5 a day. Now personally if you take this in perspective Carnegie was making more than enough money than he needed, about 20 mil a year. while his workers were getting paid about $500 dollars when you needed about $600 minimum to support a small family.
Second reason Carnegie is a Robber Barron is the fact that he purposely would shut out businesses with his method of "vertical integration" which is the process of creating a monopoly and buying all the things you need to create your product
Last but not least, Carnegie, who grew up poor had eventually made enough money to buy, renovate and purchase Skibo Castle for 10,000,000 (plus renovation) this shows the purest form of Carnegie being a robber Barron, since Carnegie could have bought a normal house but instead he purchased a castle and proceeded to renovate it for $10,000,000 thus showing off his wealth.

PART 2 - How Nikola Tesla's inventions in the Gilded Age still effect us today.

Nikola Tesla sitting next to Tesla Coil
Reason 1) Tesla's invention of AC/DC current in the Gilded Age still affects us today by allowing mass production of AC electricity from Hydro Electric dams, easily used by everything we power in our homes, down to the current most modern computers.
Reason 2) Tesla's creation of radio wave control affects us today from the simple t.v remote control to the most complicated NASA remote control operations.
Reason 3) Tesla's Induction motor. This still affects us today from the simplest utilities in the house like the washing machine, to the most modern electric cars like: Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, eGolf, BMW i3, as well as powering a future Mars rover.
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