The Opportunity Chapter 2

Despite all the challenges you face fighting the way people sell homes using the Internet, an opportunity does exist.

See, today’s consumers are constantly hounded by sales and marketing people all day every day...from ads in their Facebook feeds to the guy trying to sell you a new cell phone from the kiosk in the mall.

We’ve seen movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short which have taught us to fear salespeople because they believe in things like this:

Scene from the movie, Wolf of Wall Street

We live in fear of being “taken for all we’re worth” and losing our hard earned money to people who do things we could do ourselves.

And unfortunately, real estate agents & brokers face this same perception.

All the seminars touting the ability to “get rich quick” doing real estate sales has painted the picture that real estate agents take advantage of their clients and don’t do much to earn their massive paychecks.

But you and I know the truth is anything but.

This perception is the reason nearly 87% of real estate agent’s careers are 5 years or less...because this job ain’t easy.

I know this all may sound negative and may have put a little damper on your day...but this is actually GOOD news.

Today’s home sellers don’t want to be sold anything...but they’d love to be guided.

And that means you have a choice to make

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