I Am Albert Einstein November/December 2016 AR Biography/Autobiography Activity

"E is energy (heat, light, or sound), M is mass (the stuff that takes up something), and C is speed of light (186,000 miles per second). (p.57)

"Mass" is anything that takes up space of something.

"He read about geology, chemistry, and physics." (p.29)

"Chemistry" is something scientist do to mix or make chemicals.

"Albert's revolutionary equation E=mc2 showed that a tiny amount of matter, such as an atom, held a huge amount of energy." (p.85)

"Atoms" are small invisible particles that make the elements.

"We thought that solids and liquids were the only types of matter, but albert helped us find more types." (p.12)

"Matter" is like solids, liquids, gases, and plasma.

"Eventually we found new planets in the solar system we didn't even know about." (p.82)

A "Solar System" is the rotation of planets moving around one big center.

"but his parents also disapproved of him marrying Mileva because she was three years alder than him and sickly." (p.45)

"Marriage" is the joining of two lovers souls to forever be together.

" I came up with new equations and formulas that would eventually lead to all sorts of inventions, from cell phones to space travel." (p.4)

"Inventions" Something imagined or created from an idea.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, I once said."

"Imagination" is a place in your mind that can make up anything that is or isn't possible.

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