Character Design By jacob lenard

1. I've always loved characters. They're my favorite part of any cartoon, the way the characters look, act and animate.

2. My skills are similar in that I love to create characters and draw them. I'm always drawing new characters and rarely draw ones that aren't my own.

3. Making characters is gratifying when I create a new design that I adore and find myself drawing often.

4. I am inspired by many various cartoons from the golden age, 90's and 2000's.

5. I love creating new character designs, but I have a lot of trouble with anatomy, consistent proportions and solid drawing. If I were better at those I'd have even more possibilities for new characters.

6. I like making each character look different from one another, yet consistent in style. I don't like taking one design and changing the clothes or colors a little, I like variety.

7. I take a very simple approach to designing characters. The less details, the better.

8. My favorite types of designs are simple, expressive and cute.

9. My least favorite types of designs are very detailed, realistic and cluttered.

10. Most of my characters are made of simple shapes.

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