Pasture Valley Children's Home News December 2018 - March 2019

Psalm 145:14 “ The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down."

Grace be to you to all. Blessings for the new year.

This newsletter is way overdue. This time I have decided to share a kaleidoscope of pictures of various events and news…

The January outing for the children was lots of fun:

The boys having some tractor time! And look what they made in the carpentry workshop! We hope these bee boxes will be home to some bees soon for some delicious honey harvesting:

Welcoming our new children to the Pasture Valley family. Three girls and one boy join Pasture Valley:

These amazing Bambanani ladies went to Mozambique to do training on how to make Bambanani sewing products. They received a warm welcome and passed on skills to help more families:

The Raymond Christian Church team did a great job during the outreach to Phumelela preschool in making the school look new with fresh paint:

Some of the children have shown an interest in learning how to play the keyboard and flute and doing well:

It is back to school for the children and the homeschooling at Pasture Valley has opened with Aunty Alicia teaching the Grade 3’s and Aunty Lungile teaching the Grade 1-2 classes. The homeschooling children are also given swimming lessons which they enjoy. Teacher Cebsile is teaching the Preschool children and the children love her reading and craft activities. At Ekuthuleni many of the girls are in leadership positions and are either prefects or head girl. Noncedo has done really well with getting within the top 5 in her grade at Nhlangano Central High.

Nelsiwe has started her Paramedics course in Mbabane and settled in well into her own flat. She also recently got her driver’s licence. Well done Nelsiwe!

Teens Aloud Foundation volunteered with us and did an outreach to Nokulungo school where children raised their hands response to prayer:

We are very grateful to all our supporters who make it possible for us to deliver food parcels and clothes to children and families in need:

Guess who came to help out at Pasture Valley for 2 months? Uncle Mike and Aunty Gail!

The children were all delighted to get new pillows in February:

Prayer requests:

  • Thankfulness for God’s protection of the children.
  • For each one of our new family members as they adjust to their new home and cope with the trauma from their past situations.
  • For Kwanele to turn to Jesus and to walk in His ways.
  • For the safe arrival of baby Krause.
  • For Aunty Fikile’s family and Stella house children.
  • For Taiwan and Francis’s wedding preparations in July.
  • Thankfulness for the healthy arrival of Siyabonga’s son.
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