Enchanted Forest Place A place where you can peacefully rest, do your work, hang out with friends, look at art, and paint art!


The location this project will be at, would be in Sanger. Where the Greenwood park is. We can rearrange it. Add some more nature, and make it a better place. The reason we chose this place, is because it is a kind of hidden place. There is a lot of large pine trees that keep the park shadowy and hidden.

Our goal

Our goal is to develop a place where everyone can go, either to look at art, hang out with friends, work peacefully, and many more stuff.


We want an enchanted forest theme, therefore, we will have some water fountains, water falls, and plants. Including, flowers, bushes, and trees. An enchanted forest theme is all about nature, and being able to build a place where people can smell the scent of the natural plants, and be able to relax for a while.

Going into details

Benches: Made out of wood go with the theme. Also, stone benches.

Water Falls: Waterfalls made out of stone.

Sculptures: sculptures that have something to do with nature, and with famous artists, or sculptors.

Overall Budget Estimation

About $65,000, including the glass greenhouse, the benches, the mini water falls, and the plants.

Final Design

Art Building!!!


Created with images by bernswaelz - "angel figure mourning" • WikiImages - "fresco mural fresh painting"

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