Protect our animals, protect our planet! World wildlife foundation


The World Wildlife Foundation was founded 50 years ago. It is the leading conservation organization in the world.

The World Wildlife Foundation works with wildlife, forests, oceans, fresh water, food and climate to preserve these important things for our survival and the survival of our planet. This is what makes it possible for humans to live.

Together with foundations, governments, businesses, communities and individuals the World Wildlife Foundation can work together to help save our planet.

The World Wildlife Foundation has had some success stories in wildlife recovery. This in turn is helping protect ecosystems important to people.


By protecting species, we save the planet we call "home."

Species recovery is when a species is endangered and the World Wildlife Foundation plays a major role in a species recovery. The giant panda is World Wildlife Foundation's logo. The World Wildlife Foundation played an important role in the recovery of the Panda for over 30 years.

Inspiration came when a species of dolphin became the face of a global campaign. The dolphin was facing extinction. The World Wildlife Foundation was able to slop a dam from polluting the waters. The campaign has inspired people to reduce pollution of freshwater sources, improve fishing practices and encourage only sustainable hydro power development.


Join the World Wildlife Foundation and make a difference. Be a part of the world's leading conservation organization and do the work you have always imagined by becoming and employee of the World Wildlife Foundation.

Other ways you can help make a difference is to take action and have fundraisers. Participate in featured athletic events to raise money to conserve our planet.

Protect our animals, protect our planet!


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