Beautiful Butterflies Corrine haeberlin

As you walk into the exhibit, the first thing you come across is a giant wall of pinned butterflies. They are separated by where the species is found. This was an effective way to capture the attention of the visitors, it is absolutely breath taking. Being surrounded by the nature allowed me to take a step back and enjoy it, I was able to connect with it in ways that you cannot compare to other life experiences. However, at one point I was a little too close to nature, a bird pooped on me.

As mentioned before, I was able to really connect with nature in the exhibit. I had butterflies landing on me, and enjoyed watching the float around the room. Being surrounded by the butterflies and few birds in the exhibit allows for a greater appreciation for them, like Leopold said. Being in the museum made me want to create more places like this, it is something everyone should get to experience. Once I left, I found a sign that talked about the importance of conserving the butterflies for the health of our planet. I found it informational and think more people should have this information.

The natural museum gives us a place to relax and enjoy the purity of nature. With its benches, you can sit and watch the birds and butterflies fly around all day. By taking time to step away from our busy lives, the garden allows us to reflect on ourselves. This reflection is what helps lead to a better understanding of who we are. Being surrounded by so many beautiful creatures and plants allows us to see the beauty that the world creates, helping us to appreciate them. It also helps us to appreciate the fragility of the creatures, I found a butterfly whose wing was broken, likely from ripping it on a branch. I felt bad for the butterfly but was awe struck at how such a magnificent creature could fly on such fragile wings.

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