The Lewis and Clark Expedition By Avery E. Layton and Dalani johnson

Players in the Expedition

William Clark

Clark spent most of his time on the expedition spent most of the time charting the course and making maps of journey.

Meriwether Lewis

Lewis was often ashore studying different species of plants and animals. H also studied rock formations and soil.


She accompanied lewis and clark on their expedition and used her knowledge of terrains and different languages to help them.

Another player in this journey for new land was York. York was An African American slave who worked for clark.

Thomas Jefferson, another player, was the president during this time and the person WHO sent lewis and clark on THEIR EXPEDITION.

Accomplishments of the Expedition

There were many accomplishments of the EXPEDITION, HERE'S a few of them.

They found the Northwest Passage. A passage that led from the east coast all the way across America to the Pacific Ocean.

They established good relations with Western Indians.

A western indian

They brought back priceless information about the west and the people and other species of animals and plants that inhabited it.

Hardships and Dilemmas Faced Along the Way

They had to row upstream the Mississippi River's strong currents.

The Mississippi River

Grizzly bears raided their camps on multiple occasions.

They had trouble finding animals to hunt and eat.

Animal Species Discovered Along the Way

Grizzly Bears

The Grizzly Bear is the symbol of the wild, they were thought to be highly dangerous so they were sought out and killed.

A Sage Grouse

The Route they Took

The expedition started in missouri and they made there through Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana , Idaho, and ended their expedition in washington.

This is a map of the route they took

Items and Tools.


  • The woman in the 1800's wore long dresses with long sleeves and steel hoops under their dresses. The men wore mostly jeans and clothes made out of cotton.


  • The people in the 1800's mostly ate corn, beans, pork, and other types of meat. They would also drink Milk most of the time.

Medical suppiles

These were some medical supplies took with Lewis and Clark during the expidition

Items that were took on the Expedition to trade with the Native Americans.


  • The beads in the 1800's could be any color and they could also be and size. They were mostly used for jewelry.


  • The people would use ribbons for clothing but they would also used them like a choker necklace.
The American Flag was also traded with the Native Americans.
Fish hooks were also traded with the Native Americans.


  • Needles in the 1800's were very thin and mostly made of metal, they would come in a case and they could've been any length.


  • “America in the Time of Lewis and Clark”~Book we used


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