Staging Pods by Sue

Introducing The Staging Pod

A new concept in home staging that saves time and money and is ready when you are.

Traditionally, home staging requires a lot of lead time and can be expensive (around $1500). A stager must first assess the home, draw up a plan and budget and THEN go shopping for the items needed. Those are wasted days that your home could be on the market.

I make it simple and affordable.

Staging Pods are pre-curated to be cohesive in style and theme and can be brought out to your home with short notice.

They come in 3 different sizes to meet your needs and budget

Large Staging Pod- Includes 7-9 pieces of furniture which fills out the space. It is up to you which rooms you want to highlight but the typical Large Pod furniture usually goes well in the living room, dining room and master. The decor is plentiful and will address the kitchen, bathrooms and all furnished rooms.

The cost of set up (and take down) and 2 month's rent is $895. Each additional month is $275.

Below is an example of a Large Staging Pod

Note: You can click on any photo to enlarge

Medium Staging Pod- This pod comes with 4-6 pieces of furniture which are usually used to furnish the living room and master. It's a lighter touch and works well with homes that have some furnishings already but it can stand alone in a vacant home.

The cost is $595 for set up/take down and 2 month's rent. Each additional month is $175.

Below is an example of a Medium Staging Pod

Small Staging Pod- This pod can contain 1-2 pieces of furniture and all the items to highlight a single room OR it can be a selection of decor items to liven a vacant home or freshen a furnished home. This is typically a way to bring a color splash into a home.

The cost for set up and 2 months rent is $295. Each additional month is $75.

Below is an example of a Small Staging Pod

In this home, as well as most homes with Small Staging, the seller had left behind some furniture: 2 desks and a four-poster bed. I brought in 2 pieces of furniture and all the decor.

It is my job to make YOU successful. You probably already know that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price than empty homes.

If you are ready to make the investment to stage your home for sale, let your real estate agent know. We will draw up a contract and can be out staging your home within a day or two.

Examples of my work

Click on photos to enlarge.

There's always the disclaimer. I want to be clear about what Staging Pods ARE NOT.

To keep costs down (on trucks, storage, muscle men), Staging Pods do not contain large pieces of furniture such as sofas. Instead, I use small furniture that might include benches (sofa substitutes), air beds, night stands, area rugs etc. to give the feel of a furnished space.

Also, I do not offer cleaning service. Homes must be clean and decluttered prior to staging. I will rearrange existing furniture on a limited basis (or consult seller on how to arrange furniture) but I prefer that the home is ready to go so that my job is to put the finishing touches on. It's another way I keep costs down.

And last, I have stopped doing lanai spaces. The outdoors is just a dirty, buggy, space that is prone to theft. If you want lanai done, I will gladly use your furnishings to do it.

Contact Sue:


or (808)557-1182

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