Pennies for the Poor Emily masseth, Alicia Sorejian, Daniele Curry, Fallon Greer

What is the Problem?

According to 3.5 million people do not have good paying jobs causing them to be unable to afford the simple necessities in life such as food and shelter. Some do not have jobs at all making it much harder.

Our Mission

Over 57,000 veterans are homeless each night, according to HUD. Sixty percent of them are in shelters, the rest are left without shelter. Nearly 5,000 are female, so our mission is to give the the poor financial assistance so they can be able to pay for stuff like shelter, food, taxes, etc. and provide them with a shelter until they are able to get their own. Not just veterans, but anyone who may need it. We want to do this so someday we can end the possibility of poverty in America and give people hope for a brighter future.

Why is this important?

This is important because many people in the streets are dying from lack of food and a clean shelter. There has also been a rise in drug deals and other related crimes. Crime can play a big part in rough sleepers' lives. Nearly 30% admitted to committing a "minor crime such as shoplifting or anti-social behavior" in the hope of being taken into custody for the night. By providing them with a shelter there may be no need to do those kinds of things.

How we to accomplish this...

We plan to accomplish this by receiving donations from the community. Donations can be anything from food and health care to money. All will be greatly accepted. However, it costs around $17,500 to $23,600 a year per person just to feed and house the homeless. Meaning that the biggest donation we need would be money to get started. To help save some money we will fix up an abandoned building instead of building a brand new one that can cost around $13.3 million. Once we have a good and stable shelter we came start helping the people with financial issues. However, they will have to go through a small application process so that we are not just handing out money.

How does an average homeless shelter work ?

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