Skiing By: Ryan


Have you ever been skiing before? If you have great if not hopefully this book will convince you to step out of your house and ski down the mountain! Skiing has been around a long time. It all started in 1850 by farmers in Scandinavian, hunters and warriors. Skiing is a great sport, so follow me into the snowy peaks and down the hill.

Ski Scavenger hunt!

“Mom I am going out to Maria’s house!” I yelled.

“Okay remember your manners.” She told me. I yanked open the door and slammed it behind me. Little did my Mom know that I was a spy and so was Maria. Dr. Jerry R Willington told us we had to go on a secret mission down the street from Maria’s house. I ran quickly to Maria´s making sure I was't late. As I was walking I was remembering the lesson that I learned last time I was late. Boy did her face get as red as a ripe tomato. I banged at her door and she abruptly opened it.

“Come in quickly!” She motioned her hand telling me to follow her.

When we were settled in her room we through on night black suits and swiftly and sneakily left the house.

“Where are we going?” I whispered.

“We are going to a museum to grab famous skis.” Maria told me.

Ok why are we doing that I thought to myself. Aren't we good spies not bad? After what felt like 5 hours we arrived at a big brick building. We quietly sneaked in the building as a janitor walked out. We strolled down a velvet red carpet. The carpet led us to a glass case with a pair of skis neatly placed in it. Maria grabbed a tiny key out of her pants pocket and unlocked the case. She snatched the skis and started running out of the building. She ran into a tall man holding a flashlight.

“What are you doing?” The man grunted.

Maria hesitated. She bit her lip and her feet were shuffling. Her eyes looked like they were going to burst into tears like a pinyata bursts into candy.

“I um need skis for a ski party on Friday.” Maria confessed.

“Oh you could just go to a local sports store like, Dick’s and Sports Page. You could also go online and look on amazon or ebay. You can get ski boots at these places too”

“Sorry sir but we didn’t know.”

“It is ok!” He took the skis from us and we walked home.

“So this wasn’t really a mission from Jerry R Willington.”

“No sorry I just couldn’t do it without you!”

"Maria that was wrong what you did you should have told me!"

"Sorry will you forgive me?" Maria asked.

"Of course!" I yelped.

Dress for the weather!

Now that you know that you don’t have to go sneaking around in a museum to find skis we can move on. Imagine that you are sitting on a lounge chair next to a pool in your bathing suit. The hot sun beams are beating down on top of you. Now imagine you are in the middle of a blizzard freezing to death. These two things are the exact opposite. Skiing is a winter activity so it can get pretty cold. If it is a warm July day and you are going to a pool party you might wear a tank top or short sleeve shirt, with your hair up high with shorts and short socks. But if it a ski day I would recommend you to wear a long sleeve shirt with a fuzzy sweater over it. Also, you should wear tights or long johns with woolly sweat pants over the tights. On your feet you should put on woolly socks over you tights. You should have snow pants and a warm winter jacket. It is important to have fun but it is also important to stay warm. Dressing for a fun summer day and a snowy winter day is not the same!

Green light….Red light!

How do you stop and go? This is a basic beginner question that a lot starters need to no. When you are first starting this sport start on a little hill or a beginner mountain. Start off by putting your hands on your knees to keep your balance. Start leaning forward to get you momentum going and just let your body slide down the mountain. Even though it would be fun to just chill while you are going down the mountain you have to stay alert of your surroundings. For example there could be another person, snow machine or a tree next to you and if you don’t pay attention you could get seriously hurt. How do you stop? This is called the pizza. You put your ski tips together and make a triangle shape with them. This will make you slow down to a complete stop. Once you start becoming a more experienced and talented skier you don´t have to put your hands on your knees for balance and you can use poles.Remember to only go the speed that you feel confortable with. It is important to ski at your pace!

Safety First!

Although this is a fun sport there are many dangers too. You really don’t have to worry about it if you follow a few simple rules. Skiing is an outdoor sport so there are trees and animals around you. If you aren’t paying attention to where you are going and you are talking to your friends you could run into others or a tree or an animal. Also, you need to stay on the right path. Sometimes there are markings on trees that tell you if you are still on the right trail. Proper equipment is also very important. At all times when you are skiing you should have a helmet and warm clothing. It is important to have a helmet on in case you run into a tree or take a bad tumble. You should have a coat on because you can get frostbite. I hope with the information that was provided for you, you can have a fun and safe trip down the mountain.

Skiing is an amazing sport that you should try!


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