Should Abortions Remain Legal? Emily Reed

Many people ask “Should Abortions Remain Legal.” Abortions have been legal since 1973 and have become even more popular in the 21st century. First off what is an abortion? Abortions are the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortions are the most common medical procedures performed in the United States each year. More than 40% of all women will end a pregnancy by abortion. There are two different sides or opinions that people support, pro-life or pro-choice. Pro-life is when somebody is against abortion and pro-choice is when somebody supports abortion. Throughout the years from 1970-2013, there have been 51,888,303 abortions. 51,888,303 of those innocent infants lost their lives before seeing the world.

Pro-choice (support abortion)- Women get abortions for all different types of reasons. Many people that are pro-life argue about getting and performing abortions. However, others say that if the woman wants to get an abortion she can, after all, it is her choice. Some women have experienced rape and incest. A 16-year-old girl was raped and her pastor told her it would be best to get an abortion so she did. She didn’t know if she was making the right choice at first but she ended up happy with the final decision. Many women have abortions for other reasons. For example, women don’t want the responsibility to take care of the child, they want to end an unwanted pregnancy, and they want to prevent the birth of a child with brain defects. “Something I hear a lot is, "What about adoption?" How was I supposed to carry a kid for nine months when I worked two jobs that are physically demanding? People don't think about what it really means to make these choices when it isn't them.” said Celina Perez as she shared her story. “I wouldn't be the person I am — a successful, happy person — if I had to have that baby. I would be somebody stuck in poverty with few options to dig out of it.”

Pro-life (against abortion)-

Many people don’t agree with getting an abortion. Instead, put the baby up for adoption. Why kill an innocent baby that didn’t even get a chance to see the world. When the abortion is in process babies do feel pain. They’re alive and can feel the procedure being done. Not only does abortions kill most of the babies but the mother can be affected. According to an article “Although serious complications occur in fewer than 1 out of 100 first trimester abortions and approximately 1 out of every 50 late term abortions, it is important to be aware of the following risks...” After following the abortion the mother can have infection or sepsis, damage to other organs, and even worse death. People that are pro-choice think that in certain cases abortions should be allowed, but others argue that babies deserve to live.

There are tons of married couples that would love to have a child, but due to medical conditions, they can’t have children. Instead of killing the baby you can make another family really happy and the baby will have a family to take care of him or her. According to statistics claimed in an article “The percentage of infants given up for adoption in the United States declined from 9% of those born before 1973 to 1% of those born between 1996 and 2002. As a result of the lack of women putting their children up for adoption, the number of US infant adoptions dropped from about 90,000 in 1971 to 18,000 in 2007. Around 2.6 million American women were trying to adopt children as of 2002, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.”

Abortions can’t just physically hurt you but they can emotionally. Nicole Cooley was raped by her boyfriend at a young age and her pastor told her it would be best to get an abortion. “It was just like being the walking zombie - just going through the motions, but not really fully experiencing life again,” she said. “For me, having an abortion was like being raped again, only worse - because this time I had consented to the assault.” Nicole thought that having the abortion would help and make her feel better but this was not the case. Eventually, Nicole married a man named Patrick and had four children. They are a modern, happy family. However, to this day Nicole still has nightmares and regrets of what she did.

Abortions kill about 897 innocent children every, single day. Think about how millions of people never got to see the world because of an abortion. The child never got a chance to live his or her life and never did anything to deserve being killed. Why get rid of an unwanted baby when there are millions of people that want to have the privilege to raise a child as their own. That single child could’ve impacted our world. Perhaps with an invention or a cure to a disease, but nobody will ever know because the baby was killed. Should abortions remain legal? People have different opinions. Some are pro-life and others are pro-choice, however, the next time you hear about an abortion think of the innocent little baby that deserves to live.


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