Web234 PHP (ONLINE) PHP Web Development @ Rock Valley College

Web234 is an 16-week ONLINE course. The course covers the basics of web design using PHP AND MYSQL DATABASE.


WEB234 teaches students to build websites using PHP & MySQL database. Weekly labs and assignments gives students the tools they need to succeed! - Professor Chuck Konkol, October 2016

PHP is the #1 web language used by web developers today. This course covers the basics of PHP and MySQL database. We use a robust cloud development environment to test and deploy your weekly web applications. In addition, weekly video podcasts, along with source code, help to keep students on task.

Here are some top websites that are built using PHP!

1. Facebook

2. Wikipedia

3. Baidu

4. Yahoo!

5. Tumblr

6. Flickr

7. Wordpress

8. Mailchimp

9. LAD Bible

10. Birchbox

11. SeatGeek

12. Fotolia

13. Flipkart

14. Digg

15. iStockPhoto

What will you create?
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Chuck Konkol