Midterm Portfolio Olivia Samuelson

DESCRIBE: This is a film still that I chose to make 3d. This was titled 'Neon Girl'. This woman has odd makeup and blonde hair in a braid wrapped around her head. She has crystals and jewels around her eyes and purple lipstick. She is laying on a silver metallic chair against a blue and platinum colored wallpaper. She is wearing a blue sleeveless dress. ANALYZE: This piece is put into 3d and the red and blue add a lot to the photo. This has a strange mood to it. One composition point is Shape of Things because the shape of the chair is strange and draws the viewer's eyes to the center of the photo. This could also be Offish because the girl and the chair are placed on the right side of the photo. INTERPRET: This picture gives the viewer chills because it is so strange yet so stunning. It makes the viewer interested in what else was happening when this photo was being taken and what movie this is from. The woman is wearing strange makeup with unusual hair, and this makes the reader curious about it. EVALUATE: If this picture was to be done again, the red and blue layers should be one or two closer together. They are a tiny bit too far apart. Overall, this is a well done piece that is very cool once put into 3d. The 3d effect really adds to the "strange" mood of the photograph.
DESCRIBE: This is a photo of a girl with several different things photoshopped onto her. In her hair is a colorful eyeshadow palette, in her right shoulder is Bob Marley, left shoulder is mushrooms, and left shoulder is the Disney princess Jasmine. ANALYZE: One composition this photo possesses is Balance because Ava is sitting in the middle of the blue background with the same amount of space on each side and there is a sort of symmetry to it. Also, it uses Every Inch Counts because there is absolutely no extra room and it is literally just Ava. INTERPRET: The mood of this photo is very childlike. With the mushrooms and the princess it gives off a sort of "Disney" vibe. It is very unserious and seems to have no direct meaning. EVALUATE: The edges could be cleaned up to make them look less harsh. The colors could blend a little better and remove the people from it. Sticking to objects or places would've ended up looking better. There are a bunch of little mistakes that have to do with the background and it just needs to be cleaned up.
DESCRIBE: This is a collage of 12 polaroids with two girls doing a handshake. One is wearing black leggings and a blue t-shirt with dark brown hair while the other is wearing maroon leggings with a white t-shirt and blonde hair. The two look very focused on their handshake. The wall behind them is white and seems to be dirty. The picture looks as if it has been taken at different times and then put together to fit kind of like the concept of mosaics. The background is a light lavender. ANALYZE: This photo follows the composition Think Inside the Box because the pictures are framed and put together. It could also be Leading Lines because the lines of the wall lead the viewer to the focal points of the picture. INTERPRET: This photo will bring the viewer back to their childhood. This photo depicts two high school students doing an elementary handshake. The message behind this is to never rush away a childhood. The lilac background adds to the child-like tone of the photo. EVALUATE: If this were to be re-done, the polaroids could flow a little smoother. For example, the girl on the right's face is a little too far above her hair and it is one thing that should be changed. The tilted images make the picture look better compared to if the polaroids were just vertical. I think the rotated polaroids make it look like more of a collage which seems to be the point of the photo.

Peer evaluations

DESCRIBE: There is an older woman with a grid shirt on who looks like she is holding up an imaginary bow and arrow. The photo is black and white and also 3d. The background is a classroom at the bottom and a majestic forest at the top. ANALYZE: This photo could be Offish because the woman in the picture is standing to the right side of the picture and it is not balanced at all. INTERPRET: The woman in this picture looks very focused on what she is doing. This makes the reader stay curious and want to try and figure out was going on in this photo. EVALUATE: This photo captures this woman's crazy personality. The 3d could have been much neater and the red should be on the right. Since the blue and red layers are mixed up, the 3d glasses will not work. This is a major flaw in this piece. It is also strange how the forest abruptly stops half way through the photo and is a drab classroom.
DESCRIBE: This is a logo design for a company that obviously has to do with education. Featured on the logo is a brown book, and a red and green apple that depicts the world's continents inside. Above the illustration is the words "The Giving Book" in a black chalkboard font. ANALYZE: This logo shows Balance because the book is centered in the middle of the photo and it is pretty symmetrical. It could be Think Inside the Box, only because the apple is featured inside the book which is acting as a frame. INTERPRET: This looks like a child-friendly company. It looks like some kind of reading company or a logo that would be seen in the education community. The mood feels as if the viewer should pack a backpack, get on a big yellow bus, and head to school! This could be seen on textbooks or any other school supplies. The title "The Giving Book" makes the viewer think that the company is helping someone somehow. EVALUATE: One thing that would be cool is if maybe the text was bolder. If the text was bolder it would make more of a statement and add more to the logo. Also the apple could be tilted with the book more so that it flows better. Overall, it is a very well done.

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