Year in Photos: 2016 Photographs by ryan mcbride

In January of 2016, I was traveling hundreds of miles around the state I have always called home. I have lived in New Hampshire for 28 years(minus a three month stint in New York City), and I was going to places I have never been to before. It was sort of exhilarating, in part because my lust for traveling never ends, and also because I was covering the ongoing political circus; the New Hampshire Presidential Primaries.

I had always made it a point that at least once in my lifetime I would cover the NH Primary in it's entirety. I grew up in a political charged family, my father being a local elected official(he still is to this day) since before I was born. I love and hate politics. It provided many conversations, of course many arguments, and even moments of agreement in my childhood. But I realize how important it is to have that dialogue and I am grateful for it. It has shaped who I am today.

Everyday was a challenge. Checking press releases sent from candidates press teams, then scanning over schedules, news sites, Facebook, Twitter and other sites to try and figure out candidates whereabouts. Sometimes last minute assignments would send me from one end of the state, to the other. New Hampshire doesn't have any major highway system minus Interstate-93, so when that would happen sometimes I had to battle traffic and logging many miles/hours just to get to the next location. Couple that with early morning or late evening start times for events and it would sometimes make for 12+ hour long days. Coffee and fast food were my best friends. The primaries had me covering fringe candidates like Rand Paul and George Pataki, to headliners like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

It was an experience of a lifetime and I met many amazing folks that live in the state of New Hampshire, professional journalists and even those friendly neighbors from Massachusetts who sometimes trekked a little further for an event, just to see a candidate face to face. I also got to cover one of the most polarizing and incredible presidential elections, possibly in history.

Since then, I have covered local politics and news stories in the Boston area, I covered the general election and the days leading up to, and even photographed things outside of news. I traveled to Idaho, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and others. I flew to England for vacation and pushed to create images only with my iPhone. I struggled to maintain a business for it's first full year, and somehow managed, maybe(we'll see come tax time). I gained clients I never thought I'd get the chance to work for.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Year in Photos for 2016.


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Ryan McBride


All photos Copyright 2016 Ryan McBride, Boston Herald, UPI, AFP.

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