Graphene Pioneer What if... ...we could address a real global challenge and cut up to 4% of global CO2 emissions ?

If concrete was a nation, it would be the 3rd largest contributor to CO2 emissions

Graphene Pioneer overview

Founded by Michel de Ruiter, a practical pioneer in the application and production of graphene in materials with an emphasis on concrete
Decades of experience in material and, more recently, the addition of graphene in numerous applications and functionalities
Graphene pioneer has created and proven demo product and concrete material, ready for scaling in production with graphene

Vision and values

Mission: Our mission is to impact people and planet by unleashing the possibilities in the unchartered material production space with graphene

Vision: we aim to harness the potential of graphene to create a better world through enhanced concrete.This concrete is twice as strong and can reduce the global CO2 emissions by 4%. This concrete can be used for safer structures and can incorporate other properties such as heating, sensing, conductivity etc.

Values: Our team is guided by the core values of passion, precision and responsibility

Graphene is fascinating. Michel de Ruiter believes it will change the world. It has so much potential in numerous areas that with our current understanding we can not even begin to grasp it’s full importance yet. We need a safer world, a cleaner world. If you want to be at the forefront of creating a better world, graphene is the material to start.

Protecting and preventing

Cement is the most used man-made material - Second only to water in consumption - 3.900.000.000 mton/yr [oldest recorded use housing and floors in Middle East 6500 BC] [Romans first to use concrete widespread and at large scale]
Using nature to help nature

The problem and solution

An ever increasing need for concrete and urban living
A small step for ECO and a giant leap for concrete

Problem and Challenge

Growing use

1.615.000.000 mton/yr 2000 mton/yr 2010

4.370.000.000 mton/yr 2020

4.830.000.000 mton/yr 2030

Growing problem

[the same concrete that kept our houses safe for millennia] [now causes 7% of man-made carbon dioxide emissions]

[now challenges our planet with ever more extreme weather ] [needing ever more concrete to keep structures safe]


Graphene reinforced concrete estimated to be 2+ times as strong and 4x water resistant as a result reducing 1/2 concrete use and reducing up to 4% of global emissions more sustainable production process

Results - Tests - Benefits

Eco impact value engineering
Test results show 145% compressive strength improvements 80% flexural strength improvements following our proprietary process adding treated graphene to concrete
Benefits include signficant CO2 reduction - economical construction - faster initial curing - safer structures - scalable process - worldwide application
The positive impact of graphene and it's potential are limitless

The origin of our adventure:

An "explosive" story and our Eco Use case
We can functionalize and sensorize our infrastructure through the building materials

During a graphene conference, just after the bomb attacks at Brussels airport, Graphene Pioneer talked with some researchers about graphene as a sensor technology. It turned out to be even far more effective to detect explosives than previously thought. We imagined paving slabs printed with sensor technology that could detect explosives and warn authorities well in advance before any harm could be done.

Graphene engineering with a meaningful Eco impact
Graphene can make concrete and plastics conductive. It can strengthen concrete and plastics. It can react to light, detect minute differences in colors, bend light in different wavelengths. Just to name a few properties needed to detect explosives.
It's Official: Atmospheric CO2 Just Exceeded 415 ppm For The First Time in Human History
"Not just in recorded history, not just since the invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago. Since before modern humans existed millions of years ago. We don't know a planet like this."

How do we achieve a giant reduction of 4% CO2 emission in total worldwide?

A concrete graphene solution in a concrete world

We merge the scientific world with the actual construction materials through intense collaborations

A concrete CO2 story
Reducing CO2 impact is taking center stage also in construction
If you are able to make concrete twice as strong with graphene you would also reduce the emission of CO2 connected to the making of concrete by half. This could mean a giant reduction of 4% CO2 emission in total worldwide. If you just sold graphene for this purpose it would already be a several billion dollar industry

What have we done to date?

Manufactured concrete tiles
Created pavements
Functionalized tiles by leveraging graphene benefits
Connected demo result
Decorative plant cubes
Extend experience in composites

Saving nature with nature

Construction impact & Benefits based on Potential uses :
Strengthening, Color protection, Sensors, Impermeable Corrosion protection, Chemical resistance, Acid resistance Expire reduction, Photon Printing technology, Resistance free surface
“The Friday sessions refer to something that you’re not paid for and not supposed to do during your professional life,” Geim told me recently. “Curiosity-driven research. Something random, simple, maybe a bit weird—even ridiculous.” He added, “Without it, there are no discoveries.” Andre Geim Nobel prize winner for the discovery of graphene

The Team

Funding requirement and phases

Focus on development of concrete
Expand team and patent portfolio
Validate concrete benefits
Develop equipment for production
Establish production eco system
Commercial roll out

Join our adventure on improving concrete, beautifying and strengthening our future, and having a positive impact on our living environment both visually as well as by eliminating CO2.

But we need graphene in more applications! Concrete walls could be used as heating elements, sensors, insulation and the same goes for plastics. This technology could give us inks and paints that would not fade in centuries, and protect structures from corrosion, fires, etc.
Are you ready to join us and revolutionize the construction industry and reduce CO2 at the same time?
We look forward to speaking with you to explore and jointly make a lasting Eco impact in the construction industry.

E: info@graphenepioneer.com

M: +31683524268 - The Netherlands

M: +1-408-757-2226 - USA


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