Portland From My Eyes By: Emily vera

The city is an amazing place with many different things happening everywhere. I’ve always liked going to the city and seeing the different things that are going on. This project shows my perspective and how I see the city of Portland. What I have learned from doing this project was that everyone has a story. Whether it is their business, their living situation or even the people protesting. They all have a story and some choose to share theirs and some choose not to. One of the challenges to this project was that some people did not want their picture taken because they didn’t want to share their story.

This project lets me learn what living in the city may be like. It also helps me understand that people can and will stand up for what they believe in. We went to Portland thinking the protest wasn’t going to be as large as we thought. People were expecting 20k to 50k people showing up for the protests but there ended up being more then 100k people standing with signs, dressing up and protesting.

Black and white
Biggie Smalls
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Vertical Lines
Leading Lines
Color psycology
Eye Line
Fill The Frame
Rule of Thirds
Framing Device


My name is Emily Vera and I was born on July 31, 2002. I love taking pictures of things and people! Although I’m not the most creative, I love trying to find the different angles. I am always going out with my friends to the park and taking pictures. I am a competitive soccer player and I spend most of my time on the field. I have always wanted to pursuit professional soccer but then have always been fascinated with the medical field.

The thing that lead me to do this topic was I have lived close to Portland for almost my whole life and never really known much about it. This project helped me learn what goes on in the city and how it really affects other places in the world (for example the protest that was going on). Who has influenced me the most throughout my life is my parents. They have shown me have to be creative, kind and hard-headed when necessary. This has helped me with photography because it has helped me get the job done.

In the future I would like to use these techniques to submit some pictures to contests and have many other people see my work. It will also help me improve my photography skills.

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