My Focused Future A Presentation by nate pulliam

Goal #1: Attend a four-year University

Following high school, my most immediate plan is to attend a four year university, probably KU or KSU, for education in the field of aeronautical engineering to prepare me for the career I plan to enter.

Plus, it's college!

Goal #2: Join the Air Force

I plan to have the Air Force help pay for my college education to some degree by pledging a few years to them following college, probably 3-5. Joining the Air Force has been a goal for many Pulliams in the past few generations. I plan to be an Aircraft Maintenance Officer there.

Goal #3: Buy a 1988 Porsche 930

The '80's Porsche 930 is my most desired car of all time. They generally go for as much as $75,000, however, so it might be a while until I get my hands on one.

Goal #4: Purchase a Mooney M20

The Mooney M20 is a small general aviation aircraft, one of which I hope to someday (but probably in the VERY distant future) purchase. Along with this goal, I need to get my pilot's license.

Goal #5: Travel to Germany

Germany is a place of family heritage; my mother was born there, and my grandmother lived there for much of her adult life. I plan to visit Germany to visit family there and have an international experience as well.

Goal #6: Visit Australia

Australia is a location of wide-open spaces, good music, and open highways that I've put on my list of places to visit before I have to settle down for a career.

Goal #7: A Motorcycle Journey up and down the US Coastal Highways

After high school, or at some point later in life, I plan to make a complete tour of the East and West coasts by way of motorcycle, and visit everything in between.

Goal #8: Participate in a Rally Competition

Out of all of my goals, this is by far the most expensive one. Some day, if I am ever wealthy enough, I plan on participating in an amateur-level competition somewhere in the US.

Goal #9: Hike the Appalachian Trail

The entire Appalachian Trail is a large undertaking for most hikers, but this gargantuan goal is one I plan on completing at some point.

Goal #10: Go Skydiving

The feeling of weightlessness is indeed one that I'd like to enjoy before I am not able to anymore in my old age. This is probably one of my easier goals, but I want to do it at least once when I get older.

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