Captain Phillips Directed by : Paul Greengrass /// Project by : Erica Bradford

Based on Richard Phillip's book, A Captain's Duty

APRIL 8, 2009

the maersk alabama container ship is hijacked by somali pirates which led to the kidnapping of captain phillips.

5 days in the lifeboat

16 wins and 147 nominations

Intense. Compelling. Emotional.

Hollywood succeeded to accurately portray the real-life event in the movie.


(0:45 - 1:25)

Somali pirate Hijacking
“Captain Phillips is [announced as] safe and in route to Bainbridge” (2:02:34 - 2:02:36)
The pirates "Looked at [him] like [he] was an animal, a thing" (phillips 259).

Piracy is a way of life for the Somali people because "extreme poverty [is] rampant" ("Somalia").

The Maersk Alabama “was only about 300 miles off shore” (Griffin) during the event.

Phillips had received warning emails but did not act on them.

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