Tracey Reid Honors ART III Portfolio

Color Studies with watercolor

During the beginning of my planning, I really didn't know what I was going to do at first but I knew that I wanted to do something that showed my personality that would have a lot of meaning to me but may mean something to someone else. So, I decided to do my eye, because everyones eyes are different and that they are the window to the soul. I think that eyes are beautiful, they are one of the things I pay attention to the most when looking at a person.

Skin tone and Eyebrow in watercolor
Lash lines and Tear duct in watercolor
Darkened top lash line, eye color and dark side of yin-yang pupil in colored pencil.
Lashes and world in yin-yang pupil in colored pencil.

I decided that for the pupil of my eye, that I would put something that perfectly shows my personality. So, I chose the yin-yang symbol because it's my favorite symbol and it shows that I am both equally mean and nice depending on the current mood I'm in. This also depending on how much a person knows me and how comfortable I am around them. If I'm comfortable, I am more outgoing and crazy (Yin) and if I'm not, I will come off as shy and to myself (Yang).

I also put the world in the 'open space' of each side. Yin has one side of the world in the morning and Yang has the other side of the world at night. This shows the time differences in the world but the other reason for the world is just the fact that I would like to travel the world someday.

Artist Statement: This painting is supposed to show my personality and how I see myself because this is a painting of my eye. I came to use the yin yang sign because I think I shows my personality the best, I was going to use the gemini sign but I needed a circled image, but I wanted it to show the same meaning as the gemini sign did.


Art 21 Artist: Maya Lin

Eclipsed Time, 1994

Sand-blasted glass, aluminum, stainless steel, and fiber-optic sculpture. On the ceiling at Seventh Avenue, in New York City's Penn Station


Artist from History: Surrealism

Metamorphosis of Narcissus, 1937

Made by artist Salvador Dali, Oil paint media. Located in Tate Modern, London


Father, Mother, and Baby lions

I helped make the main base/shape of father lion and helped make sure that that he was proportional. I also finish the cutting and design for the mantis and I modeled and sewed some of the design of the mother puppet and baby lion. I found it really hard for me to work with big groups of people, I just rather work with one other person or just by myself.

Organization was a big part of this project and is something that was kind of difficult to deal with because it was a bit different and unusual just jumping into a big project like this because we haven’t done any like this in the previous years, so it was quite a surprise to us. We had to do things like setting times to finish things before the deadline, so we pretty much had deadlines within deadlines and most people had to work in many different parts of the puppet making process, we always had to be moving and working at all times during class, so there was a lot of moving around, but doing so made things get done faster and we were able to finish on time.

It took a lot of time and work to make something where they all come together but the result was amazing. There was all types of people working together to make one big masterpiece. There was movements, rhythms, acting, singing, and dancing. A lot of people helped and were a big part to making this puppet show happen and that’s what made it amazing. Everyone coming together for a good cause.


Final picture of 'Floral Beauty'

While working on this piece, I really didn't take any process pictures because I was way to busy on just getting it done.

This piece is made from graphite and colored pencil. It is a self-portrait and it has a hidden meaning to me with everything that I put in it. This, in a way, symbolizes how I want to be. Curly hair: fun and outgoing, Bangs: Business, Pink: Passion and Purity, Orange: Warmth, Happiness, and Gut instincts. This is about believing myself and being more self-confidence.

Artist Statement: This drawing is also about my personality too but is more hidden. This is more of a ‘personal message’ to myself. This is a self-portrait, it shows me and the little things like the style my is in to the color of the flowers symbolizes something about myself that I what to improve.


Growth Statement

During this time in Honors Art III class, I have learned a lot of very helpful skills that will help me just in art making but in the real world as well. I also learned a lot of art tips and new ways of dealing with my art. I learned that it will, most likely, take time out of class to finish a piece of work just in order to meet a deadline. That working in a team is stressful sometimes but what you get out of it in the end is great. Organization and dedication are key for wanting to do something great, and that helping others feels very rewarding even if it is just a small thing. We are all on one world and that it is ours to share, together. These are things that I know that I have learned when I step away from this class.

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