A Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History By: Kyle Summersfield


I visited the Florida Museum of Natural History and was told to search for exhibits that exemplified nature in different forms; on display, with ethics, and in the human spirit. I spent time at multiple exhibits exploring and inspecting the different elements of nature.

Me looking ecstatic to visit the museum.

Nature on Display

This is the most accurate photo I could take being in a butterfly garden. I am an avid bug hater however I experienced nature on display when I visited the butterfly garden portion of the Florida Museum of Natural History. I found the design of the garden to be very pleasing to the eye, there were large plants everywhere, ripe fruits for the butterflies to eat, and koi ponds below the trail we walked on. There were small signs set up around the garden that gave small facts about butterflies. Despite being out of my comfort zone when surrounded by flying insects, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the bugs and especially the beauty of the garden. They've done an amazing job of making a habitat for the butterflies over there.

Nature and Ethics

This was the Calusa Indian tribe exhibit in the Florida Museum of Natural History. This exhibit adhered to Leopold's theory about being a "biotic community". The Calusa Indians had three gods that oversaw different aspects of the world. The most powerful oversaw the stars, sun, moon, and weather. The Calusa Indians were very in touch with the earth and they loved, respected, and admired the animals and plants they shared the land with.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Only took one photo in this exhibit so I sadly have to use the most embarrassing one of the lot. The mystery and majesty of the world can be appreciated in many different ways. In my opinion, the best way to learn about the mysteries the world has to offer is to explore the ocean. In the Florida Museum of Natural History, the ocean exhibit shows some of the creatures of the deep but in enhanced sizes, almost allowing me to feel as though I'm the same size as the animals that are normally my same size. It really sets everything into perspective.

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