Global Warming and the Influence on Mankind on the Climate Taylor fletcher

The debate on climate change and global warming has been ever-present in recent years, but with scientific advances and even more evidence to now back it up, its existence can hardly be questioned.

Substantial evidence shows that human impact is behind this increased rate of climate change.

Terry Root made clear that between the “rapid temperature rises and other stresses” on wildlife populations, the future is sure to bring “numerous extirpations and possibly extinctions” (57).

With so many ways to communicate now, it is vital that we use our resources to increase public knowledge on climate change and to discern any misunderstandings or falsehoods.

Technological advances have brought about ways to harvest energy from natural sources, including the sun, the wind, and the under water currents. This "green energy" is vital to preserving both our way of life and our planet.

It is not too late to bring about change and healing to our planet. Susanne Moser states, “it is virtually certain that no individual alive today will see the Earth’s climate return” (34), but this does not mean that changes we make today will not have profoundly significant impacts on future generations.


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