Let's Embrace and start loving your body from the inside out

It's time to Embrace! Gather your dearest friends, sisters, aunts, daughters, mothers...it is time we do this together!

Introducing LET'S EMBRACE!

A private event and mini-workshop by Kellie Donahue HHC www.LifeTula.com

Two words: Body and Image. Bring them together, Body Image. The next word that immediately comes to my mind is STRUGGLE! I have personally struggled with this for as long as I can remember and you know what? That's too damn long! As a matter of fact any amount of time is too damn long! This personal struggle has inspired me to open up and fuel something positive. To reach out about this topic and hopefully reach and connect with as many as possible. - Kellie

On December 5th, 2016 I was honored to bring the film EMBRACE to my community. I was overwhelmed with the support and response to helping me make this event happen.

I truly believe that every woman walked out of the theater, on Monday December 5th, after experiencing EMBRACE , feeling different within. I am positive they were all thinking about the way they feel about their bodies. Wondering about the way the other women in their lives feel about the skin they are in. Perhaps IMAGINING the possibility of embracing their bodies 100%, forever! - Kellie
It is so important to me to keep the conversation about positive body image alive and happening. Along with women coming together and encouraging one another to foster a healthy mind set about our bodies, heal from negative thoughts, and teach our younger female generations about this very crucial topic. -Kellie

That is why I have created, LET'S EMBRACE

LET'S EMBRACE is a live, in person, women's only, workshop on how to foster and maintain a positive body image.

By hosting a LET'S EMBRACE event, you and I together will continue to spread the word of Body Image Love!

(keep scrolling to learn more!)

Let's Embrace Workshop Details

  • Mini Workshop on the Practice of G2P3
  • Viewing of EMBRACE: One woman's journey to inspire everyBODY.
  • Discussion and Q&A following the film
  • All participants will receive a copy of 9 Wellness Wonders: Small daily practices equalling big results. (ebook.)
  • AND! Introducing my beautiful friend, Jodi Hert of Healthy Heart Hypnosis
  • Everyone will have access to Jodi's 2 remarkable recorded sessions: Restorative Sleep and Self-care and Confidence. Along with a 3rd session that Jodi has exclusively created for everyone that attends the workshop.
  • Once you know, experience her work, and admire Jodi like I do, you be able to take advantage of deep discounts on her other programs. Again, offered only to workshop participants.
  • "Thank You" workshop favors for everyone.

More Details and How to Host a Let's Embrace Event

  • $35 per person
  • Host - FREE!
  • Minimum of 8 attending (including host)
  • Plan for approximately 3 hours
  • I bring the event to you! Your home, business, organization, your choice.
  • Event favors/thank you's and a healthy sweet snack for everyone provided by Kellie.

To plan further and schedule your Let's Embrace event, please email me at kelliedonahue@lifetula.com

*please note* This is a live in person event offered to Butler, PA and it's surrounding areas (inquire for more details via email).

Let's Start Embracing

Let's Embrace Together!

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