Utopia / Dystopia Project By Audrina Henry

Politics Utopia & Dystopia:

Bringing marked by world peace, oneness and abolition of cultural, racial and gender-based prejudices. But the government is based of all evil. Society is controlled by the institutions that are supposed to protect it such as: Army, Police, Navy, and etc. If you personally think personal freedom is here in the United States..think again. Therefore, utopian and dystopian are equally thought and practiced.

Economics Utopia&Dustopia

Society has evolved toward an equal distribution of goods, the termination of money or forced labor. That means society enjoys the value attributed to arts and selfness.

Religion Utopia & Dystopia

In the future, humanity has envolved past its plain needs, by a common enlightenment as by a common aspiration. This kind of utopia can have religious favor or not, but main message is to departure with physical nature to spiritual well being.

Social Structure Utopia & Dystopia

Humanity has solved all of its problems and has expanded beyond its old limits with the help of sensibly developed and used technology. . It ranges from man-slaughtering robots and man-enslaving AIs, to humankind becoming entirely dependent upon technology to accomplish even the simplest tasks.

Arts & Entertainment Utopia & Dystopia

The great hall of the world’s most influential international art fair might seem like the last place one might find utopia. While the fair itself might not serve as the inspiration for a utopian society, several projects at this year’s Art Basel invoke the notion of the imaginary, the ideal, and the impossible.

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